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With WorldView's hosted, web-based document management services, the servers and other related hardware and software that your documents reside on are located within a completely hosted environment. Your documents are stored securely in a remote, expertly maintained data back-up center.

Your workforce accesses their data via web log-in and performs regular day-to-day business functions using a PC and an Internet connection. The capability of having your remote staff access the system is another plus to this hosted document management system.

Advantages of the WorldView Hosted Document Management Model:

Guaranteed Data Security, Data Back-up, Uptime and Disaster Recovery Plan:
With a WorldView data back-up and disaster recovery plan, your documents are stored within a hosted environment contained in a bunkered off-site data center outfitted with modern data security features. WorldView Installation and Support Specialists ensure multiple copies of your data are saved on redundant media - the perfect insurance policy against disaster.

Accessibility to Your Documents:
Your documents are available to anyone who is an authorized user and has access to the Internet. Your remote personnel and other office locations now have access to the documents that allow them to work more productivity.

Competitive Pricing:
With WorldView, your business saves on upfront hardware and software costs, installation time, and maintenance when compared to an in-house system. Upfront costs are significantly (thousands of dollars) lower.

Predictable Monthly Fees:
The WorldView solution lets you eliminate capital spending approval and replaces it with a budget-able monthly fee. This allows you to pay for the service as you profit from it.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership:
The costs of expensive resources are shared across the entire WorldView customer base, lowering your cost of ownership. The service solution is viable for large and very small companies alike.

Faster Deployment:
Solutions can be installed in a matter of days. For your internal staff, the service solution provides substantial time savings over an in-house solution: less training time and a fraction of the installation steps.

Better Focus on Core Goals:
With WorldView, the tasks of ongoing hardware and software maintenance and staying current with upgrades and changing technology are managed by our team of Installation and Support Specialists. WorldView maintains your document management system behind the scenes allowing your staff to focus on your core business.

Unlike IT staff that are often asked to support multiple complex systems, WorldView specialists are Certified Document Imaging Architects (CDIA) — trained professionals in the document management field.

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