Spray Paint Booths

Spray Paint Booths

Global Finishing Solutions: Quality through Custom Engineering

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Few businesses are exactly alike. And as their specializations broaden, the more intricate their machinery and finishing needs become. Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) has built their business around the practice of catering to this need for customization.

Classic Car Paint Job

Comprised of a merged group of finishing equipment manufacturers - including DeVilbiss Spray Booths, Binks Spray Booths, Milbanks Finishing Systems, Blu-Surf, and JBI Booths - GFS has been able to incorporate an extensive range of diversified technologies and specializations into a single brand. In particular, they've invested heavily in the development of their engineering capabilities, now possessing the in-house expertise that enables them to engineer and manufacture a custom spray paint booth for practically any purpose. In fact, according to information available through their corporate website, spray paint booth engineering now comprises the majority of their business, especially within the aviation and government sectors.

Designing a customized spray paint booth

GFS divides their spray paint booths into a number of specific business verticals including:

By breaking each product into a specific industrial application, they further refine the productivity achieved by the end result, incorporating specific technologies and services like energy efficiency, project management, and installation and start-up.

Global Finishing Solutions designs, manufacturers, and assembles most of their spray paint booths to the specific requirements of each project. They employ a select group of individuals ranging from software developers, systems designers, and code compliance specialists to licensed electrical engineers, structural engineers, mechanical engineers, and airflow specialists. This team of specialized individuals provides a range of benefits that are customized to each individual business and application.

Standard size ranges on popular models
Minimum Size Maximum Size Minimum Lights (ceiling/side) Maximum Lights (ceiling/side)
Paint Booths 14' x 9' x 24' 14' x 9' x 30' 8/4 10/6
Process/Batch Ovens 5' x 6' x 5' 10' x 10' x 20' N/A N/A
Paint Mixing 6' x 9'x 9' 15' x 9' x 9' 1/X 3/X
Dust Collection 8' x 8' x 10' 20' x 10' x 16' 1/X 8/X
Powder Coating 8' x 2' x 10' 20' x 10'x 16' 1/X 8/X

These industry-specific benefits include:

Code compliance: Codes vary from state to state, especially with regard to electrical regulations. GFS ensures their products meet all local safety and legal requirements, with in-house staff who actually contribute to the development of standards within their individual specializations. They are also a GSA-approved vendor of aviation paint booths for the U.S. Government.

PE licensure and stamps: Omitting an often time-consuming step in the process, GFS provides engineers who have been certified with PE licensure. This enables them to prepare, sign, and seal engineering drawings to all 50 U.S. states and Canada.

Efficiency software: GFS offers Computational Fluid Flow Dynamics (CFD) software, a platform that models the various elements associated with design and enables the simulation of airflow performance. Employed in the planning stages, this technology has been shown to dramatically cut down on costs associated with delays and redesigns by ensuring the performance meets expectations before a single component is manufactured. This offering is reportedly useful when engineering large spray paint booths.

Bondable: Another aspect that sets GFS apart from competitive spray paint booth manufacturers is that they're a bondable company. Possessing the financial backing that enables them to take on a high single project limit, GFS can assist with everything from system integration to the design and manufacture of the largest aircraft spray booths. As a bondable company, many if not all aspects of these large projects can be safeguarded against a wide range of potential financial loss.

AdvanceCure System: Creating a cost-saving technology uniquely for the auto industry, GFS redesigned their airflow system to make it more efficient. Minimizing the impact of "boundary air" the slow-moving layer caused by tiny flaws in a paint job, the AdvanceCure system speeds up drying times while further ensuring that a consistent turbulent airflow comes into contact with all surfaces of a vehicle.

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