Spray Paint Booths

Spray Paint Booths

Powder Coating Equipment: Spray Booths

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Powder coating is an extremely popular way to protect and finish all kinds of products, from industrial machinery to consumer goods. If you're looking for new powder coating equipment for your business, make sure you consider a new spray booth to contain the over spray and ensure that your finish goes on flawlessly.

Why spray booths?

Spray booths are an important part of any powder coating equipment purchase. While the gun actually applies the coating, the booth is key to protecting both your products and your employees' health.

For most powder coating applications, you'll want a fully enclosed spray booth - one that filters both incoming and outgoing air. This incoming air filter prevents airborne contaminants from spoiling your work - even small pieces of dust can leave gaps in the powder coat. The exhaust filtration prevents powder from spreading throughout your shop.

As part of the exhaust filtration, booths designed to work with powder coating equipment usually collect over spray for recycling. Dry powder is easily reused, helping you reduce costs and wastage. So make sure your booth has a filtration system that makes it possible.

An essential safety feature to look for is interlocking. In an interlocked spray booth, the gun is connected to the booth exhaust system. If airflow in the exhaust dips below safe levels, the gun is automatically shut off to prevent a build-up of powder and a possible explosion.

How big a booth do you need?

Getting the right size booth for powder coating is key: too small and you won't be able to work the way you want to, too big and you'll be wasting money on the initial purchase and operating costs.

Consider both internal and external dimensions. Internally, you'll need space for your powder coating gun, the product you're coating, and enough extra space for your employees to maneuver. Externally, the booth will have to fit in the space you have available, and you'll want the spray booth to be located fairly close to your drying ovens to reduce logistics hassles.

Choosing powder coating equipment dealers

The best way to get powder coating equipment that meets all your needs is to find a trustworthy dealer who can help evaluate your situation and sell you the right equipment. Since you will be making a significant investment in a powder coating setup, it's worth taking the time to interview several potential suppliers and compare their offerings.

Look for dealers who come to your space to find out what they're working with. By inspecting your facilities, the dealer should be able to provide more accurate estimates on the exact powder coating equipment that will work in your situation. Watch out for one-size-fits-all dealers who want to sell you some low-end gear with little understanding of your situation.

What you can expect to pay

When it comes to purchasing powder coating equipment, you have a few options depending on your current setup. Full powder coating ovens with an enclosed spray booth range from $9,000 to $16,000 on average. But separate gear can also be purchased, with component packages selling for $1,000 to $1,900 - great for upgrading gear or just replacing worn out items.

To connect with several pre-qualified powder coating equipment dealers, try BuyerZone's free request for quotes service. You fill out one simple form and we'll match you to the best vendors in your area.

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