Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial Cleaning Services

Best Commercial Cleaning Companies

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If your offices must maintain a constant professional appearance, consider hiring a cleaning service that will perform your daily janitorial tasks. The best commercial cleaning companies can schedule regular daily services as well as more elaborate cleanings depending on your needs.

Every business has a different idea of what the best commercial cleaning companies need to do. Some just need a company to come in a few times a week to empty trash, mop floors, and occasionally vacuum. Others will need daily (and even twice daily) cleaners to keep bathrooms cleaned and stocked and carpets spotless throughout the work day. And if you work with potentially harmful substances, such as a health care facility that regularly handles bodily fluids, you'll need a completely different level of cleaning service.

A commercial cleaning service can extend beyond day-to-day maintenance. You can also schedule special services like tile grouting and waxing or a complete exterior building wash which takes several hours and must be scheduled far in advance. When you start researching different cleaning companies, they'll present you with all of the available options.

Selecting the best commercial cleaning companies

When you're ready to look for the best commercial cleaning companies, it's important to meet with at least 4 to 6 different suppliers. Have each of them visit your work-site and perform a walk-through to learn what services you'll need. By getting a variety of proposals from multiple companies, you can pick the company that offers the right mix of services, personal attention, and fair prices.

Consider your expectations for cleaning services: what types of cleaning do you need? How frequently do you need it? Will you require special services? The best commercial cleaning companies can set you up with the appropriate level of services. It's important to be reasonable when you learn what services are available - extensive cleaning services can make your office sparkle around the clock, but you'll pay a lot more.

When you need cleaning services, the company will require a minimum one-year contract that details how much you'll pay, which services you'll receive, and how often cleaners will come in. To ensure your satisfaction, the best commercial cleaning companies will put a "right to cure" provision in the contract. This means for the first 30 to 60 days of the contract, if you're unhappy with the work done, they'll perform a second cleaning at no charge or credit your account. And if you're still not satisfied, they allow you to walk away without paying penalties.

Additional attributes of best commercial cleaning companies

Ready to work with the best commercial cleaning companies?

If you're looking to have an immaculate office, it's time to find a good group of cleaning businesses to talk to. And a great way to find the best commercial cleaning companies is to submit a free BuyerZone request for commercial cleaning service quotes. We'll match your company to as many as six different vendors and allow you to choose the best commercial cleaning company that suits your needs.

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