Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial Cleaning Rates Explained

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Curious how much other businesses are paying for commercial cleaning services? We can help. We've complied responses from our users that describe cleaning services they chose and what rates they're paying--take a look and you'll be better informed when it comes time to negotiate commercial cleaning rates with your provider.

Generally, commercial cleaning services base their rates on two different types of cleaning: scheduled cleaning services and specialty cleaning projects. Scheduled services include basic day-to-day janitorial duties such as removing trash, vacuuming and mopping common walkways, sweeping debris, and maintaining bathrooms. The amount you'll pay will be based on the frequency of cleanings and number of services.

Specialty services are usually more labor intensive and less frequently performed. These services run the gamut from stripping floors to power washing exterior windows and walls. These types of services are usually priced and scheduled separately from regular cleaning. Usually, you'll need a scheduled cleaning contract to request these extra services, but the costs will be above and beyond your typical rate.

Commercial cleaning pricing tips

Some cleaning services require you to provide your own supplies or cleaning products. Before you agree to work with a cleaning company, find out what is included and what you are responsible for.

Keep an eye out for other costs such as "first-time cleaning" fees which a cleaning company may charge if you're not under a long-term contract, or consumables and cleaning supplies if the vendor doesn't include them.

Basic scheduled cleaning service rates

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Special office cleaning prices

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