Office Coffee Services

Office Coffee Services

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Aramark Refreshment Services supplies more than one billion cups of coffee and 400 million cold drinks annually at approximately 100,000 locations in North America. Professionals from small local businesses to international Fortune 500 companies enjoy using Aramark as a single source for office coffee service, filtered water, brand-name food and beverages, and breakroom essentials.

Coffee and Tea Service - Aramark supplies some of the best coffee beans in the world and a variety of machines for brewing. Coffee brands include ALTERRA, Starbucks, Seattle's Best, Green Mountain, and more. Brewer options start at single serve and move on to bean-to-cup, airport/thermal pot and espresso.

Aramark brings everything you need: creamer, sweetener, napkins and any special requests. The route service representative will even tidy up the breakroom, keeping employees on task. Aramark will bring tea and cocoa as well for the non-coffee drinkers.

Filtered Water and Ice - With Aramark's AquamarkLX water filtration unit, you get limitless clean water without the hassle of jugs or bottles. It taps right into the facility's water supply. The AquamarkLX filters help diminish chemicals, sediment and microorganisms. Everyone in your office will be able to use it to make coffee, soups, drink mixes and much more. Aramark also provides regular service throughout the year to maintain its high quality by changing filters and cleaning the unit.

Marketplace Solutions - Aramark's Marketplace Solutions bring convenient meal and snack options to the workplace. The fresh market offerings can substitute for café services and can be used in partnership with Aramark's other services - cafés, attended retail, catering, and office refreshment service - as a full scale solution. There is a great variety of healthy snack options to choose from, safe and secure payment methods and temperature control to keep food garden-fresh and delicious.

Snacks and Vending - Aramark's innovative equipment brings the latest in technology and reliability. Stock includes a full selection of popular brand-name snacks, juices, teas, and fresh food. A Route Service Representative keeps machines well stocked and in working order. Their RefreshTECHTM inventory management tracks each transaction to learn which snacks are enjoyed most.

Aramark's many offerings lets employers focus on more important things while still providing a refreshment program as an employee benefit.

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