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Office Coffee Services

Starbucks Office Coffee Services

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Getting Starbucks office coffee service is a good move for any size company. In addition to supplying the office with a variety of coffee and tea to fuel productivity, you're providing a well-loved and familiar brand, which your staff will surely appreciate.

Conveniently, Starbucks offers three difference coffee service plans based on business size. Businesses can customize their own plans by adding on Tazo brand teas, including cups and napkins, or investing in a single cup brewer for the office!

Starbucks Office Coffee Plans

Small office coffee delivery (Fewer than 20 employees)

This plan provides the fewest number of add-ons and is by far the most flexible for a small office looking for economical coffee choices. Because you don't need to lease or purchase Starbucks' coffee brewing equipment, this plan is ideal for a company that has an existing coffee machine and only needs infrequent coffee bean delivery.

For the small office (or home office) Starbucks can deliver coffee beans, Tazo teas, and hot chocolate without requiring you to pay for expensive brewing equipment.

Small business (20-50 employees)

Starbucks will provide brewing equipment, bags of ground coffee and coffee bean delivery service. Paper cups, napkins, Tazo tea, and other supplies are also available as add-ons to the base price.

Large business (more than 50 employees)

In addition to the services provided by the small business plan, your company will receive an individual cup brewing system: the Starbucks Interactive Cup BrewerTM.

The Brewer can store and grind more coffee beans than traditional single serving brewer so it requires less daily maintenance. Your staff can choose from among numerous coffee flavors, teas, and even cocoa. The machine can brew single cups or entire carafes, if you want to bring beverages to a morning meeting!

What's included?

When your office signs up for a Starbucks coffee service, you can also receive Seattle's Best products in your home or office! Additionally, you can add-on any of the following services to your coffee plan:

Portion packs

These convenient bags are individually portioned bags of pre-ground coffee, for anyone who needs just one cup of joe. They are available in Starbucks brands as well as Seattle's Best and Torrefazione Italia brands.

Single cup brewers

Part of the Large Business coffee service mentioned above, the single cup brewer is a great add-on for the company that's looking to please staff and provide a single serving option. One major benefit is that the Interactive Cup BrewerTM can also make an entire pot of coffee. Single cup options cut down on wasted coffee beans and ensure employees have truly fresh coffee available all times of the day.

Coffee vending

A great way to augment your company's income is with a coffee vending machine, also available through Starbucks coffee service. With your coffee plan, you can add in a Seattle's Best Coffee vending machine or a Starbuck's Interactive Coffee BrewerTM with e-payment capability!

With the e-payment coffee machine, you can turn your break room into another source of profit for your business as well as a place to enjoy a high-quality, freshly brewed beverage. Guests and employees can pay with any major credit card, so forgetting quarters is never a problem.

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