Office Coffee Services

Office Coffee Services

Real-World Office Coffee Service Pricing from BuyerZone Buyers

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We regularly survey BuyerZone users to ask how their purchases went. We've used their responses to provide a sampling of actual prices paid for office coffee services.

These popular services can be priced in several different ways, including a flat monthly fee based on estimated usage, per case of coffee, or by the cup. One common perk is that the coffee service vendors will often provide brewing equipment for free as long as you're ordering coffee and supplies from them.

The specific type of coffee you choose will have a big impact on your pricing. Most suppliers will offer a variety of brands, ranging from their house brands, which are usually the cheapest, to expensive national brands like Dunkin' Donuts or Starbucks. The particular tastes of your coffee drinkers will help you decide if the extra cost of premium coffee is worth it or not.

Flat monthly pricing

"Bunn machine, coffee varies upon our preferences. $90 per month included the filters and the machine."

-- Insurance office, San Antonio, Texas

"Approximately $36 per month for the coffee system, hot and cold water, and filtration system. A $50 one-time installation fee, and coffee and supplies additional."

-- Academic institution, Melville, New York

"Approx. $150/mo for coffee, creamer, soup, tea, cocoa."

-- Shipping company, Walled Lake, Michigan

"$24 to $50 per month depending on the amount of coffee consumed, airpots and brewer included, as well as servicing and cleaning of the equipment."

- Health care services, Walnut Creek, California

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Per-case charges

"No charge for equipment. Must purchase 1 case of coffee per month @ $26.95 average per case."

-- Church, Cedar Park, Texas

"We paid for the coffee ($24/box) and creamer ($1.25/container). The coffee machine and 3 coffee pots are ours to use as long as we purchase the coffee and supplies from them."

-- Accountants, Thomasville, Georgia

"$21.22 per case of coffee which includes all maintenance and cleaning of the two coffee systems installed by Standard Coffee in our building."

-- Hospitality provider, Hot Springs, Arizona

"Prices varied depending on types of coffee and coffee-related supplies. I chose generic coffee brand at $27 per box/case. Equipment and installation was free."

- Financial services provider, Alexandria, Virginia

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Per-cup charges

"No monthly lease, $0.33 per cup for Flavia single cup product."

-- Advertising agency, Nashville, Tennessee

"Javarama, their own brand, averages $0.07/cup plus ancillary supplies at reasonable cost. No cost for equipment or delivery. No contract necessary."

-- Health care provider, Boston, Massachusetts

"Keurig B100 machine is free, $0.48 per cup; $11 per box (25 cups), service included if needed, online ordering, free shipping, no minimum order. We received 4 free boxes of coffee."

-- City government, Woonsocket, Rhode Island

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Multiple price points

"$42 per box of Starbucks coffee. Coffee equipment included. Estimate of 3 or 4 boxes per month. $35 per month for water filtration."

- Consultants, Houston, Texas

"We got a regular brew machine with cases of coffee for $22 as well as a Flavia machine at $0.33 per package."

-- Business services provider, Saint Claire Shores, Michigan

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Information was provided by BuyerZone users. Quotes have been edited for clarity only.

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