Office Cubicles and Systems

Office Cubicles and Systems

Selecting Computer Workstations for Your Business

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As depicted in the Dilbert comic strip, many people spend 40 hours a week working at a desk located in a cubicle. Though this type of environment has earned a bad reputation, computer workstations can, if set up correctly, increase office productivity.

Choosing the right computer workstations

Like employees, computer workstations come in all shapes and sizes. When looking for the right kind of setup, remember the "3 Ps" of choosing office cubicles:

  1. Portability: Your human resources needs are constantly changing, so you need to choose cubes that can be assembled, disassembled, and transported with minimal tools and a couple of employees with strong backs. A modular design with movable walls can be ideal for your office, allowing you to create larger cubes with small conference or meeting areas.

  2. Privacy: Unlike the old "bullpen" configuration, enclosed computer workstations offer your staff a degree of privacy, depending on the height of the cubicle walls. In some businesses, employees can communicate better when they can see and talk to each other over short cube walls.

  3. Power: Besides human energy, a cubicle requires quite a bit of power to be truly functional. You will need enough electrical outlets to handle the lights, computer and components, and any other equipment that your employees need to do their jobs.

Ergonomic computer workstations

Anyone who spends 40 or more hours per week sitting at a desk is typically subject to some kind of repetitive stress problem. As you consider your computer workstation options, choose ergonomic accessories such as:

Employee input is essential

The best people to choose your computer workstations are the ones who will be using them. During the selection process, ask your employees what kind of designs would make their working environment more pleasant. Also, find out if there are certain features specific to their needs that would keep the most comfortable and productive.

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