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Minimizing Excessive Noise is a Vital Step for Offices

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Nothing can be more disruptive than a noisy office or work area. Unfortunately, in many workplaces it can be almost impossible to eliminate background noise due to the way an office is designed or the equipment that is used. However, the negative impact this noise can have on employees and their productivity makes it necessary to find ways to minimize the effects. For many businesses, adding some basic office furniture such as noise-reducing chairs and cubicles can have a large impact on reducing the noise level.

The cost of excessive noise

Many business owners and managers may not realize the impact and cost that noise can have in an office environment. It is not just loud noises that can damage an employee's health. Constant noise can have other effects that many may not be aware of. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, noise pollution can lead to:

Low Cubicle Walls

The cost of excessive noise can hit a business on several levels. Employees may be less productive and more distracted when at work. It can also cause illnesses which cause them to miss work. In addition, the stress it can create may lead to high turnover and increased costs in replacing valuable employees.

Investing in noise-reduction

One way to combat noise in an office environment is to invest in office furniture that can reduce noise from other employees and equipment. Many offices have an open design meant to allow for the maximum use of space. However, having dozens of employees all sharing one room with phones, copiers, and other noisy equipment can create a high level of disruption. Some ways to reduce the level of noise for employees is to add equipment that blocks some of these background sounds.


Investing in a noise-free office environment is sure to benefit productivity as well as morale. In addition to furniture, other office accessories can be beneficial in silencing unwanted office chatter and rumbling machines.

Considering the negative effects of excessive noise on employees and their ability to be productive, it is worth the investment to consider minimizing noise levels in any way possible. The investment can be minimal in comparison to the benefits.

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