Office Cubicles and Systems

Office Cubicles and Systems

Is Office Furniture Leasing a Good Option for Your Business?

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Office furniture is a necessity in any business. From reception room chairs, to desks, to cubicles, when shopping for furniture for your office, there are many options. Most office furniture vendors have furniture available for rent or lease.

There are quite a few advantages to leasing office furniture. An office furniture rental can improve your cash flow, with an easy to finance lease. It's also a great way to keep up with the latest technology without going over budget.

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A lease can afford amenities that would otherwise be unaffordable. Leasing furniture, compared to purchasing, can yield a significant savings. Keep in mind your total rental package and be sure to use it as leverage when negotiating a price.The advantages of little or no money down is attractive to a cash strapped business or start-up.

In exchange for a monthly payment, you can fully furnish your entire office space.

Other benefits of leasing include:


A cost-effective lease program is a long-term agreement, ending with an option to purchase. The following sample prices reflect the monthly fee on a 12-month lease.

Your have options that can cut short-term costs when setting up your office furniture. Many office furniture vendors are available to lease furniture for offices and help companies arrange financing. Buyerzone can help.

Look before you Lease

Once you have reviewed the terms of the lease, be sure to double check the time period detailed in the contract. Be aware of any hidden fees that can accrue due to damages or lease terms. A furniture lease program that offers the option to purchase the rented furniture, at the end of the lease, is one worth considering.

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