Office Cubicles and Systems

Office Cubicles and Systems

Small Touches Make Optimizing Light Use Easy

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How do you go about optimizing office space? Research teams are always studying how to create the ideal work environment for productivity and happiness. Without these two things, businesses tend to struggle at the most basic levels. However, experts say that even small adjustments can boost productivity strongly. Here are some of the key takeaways for employers to consider.

Fluorescent Lighting Makes Work Harder

Everyone knows fluorescent lights feel worse than incandescent options, but research suggests workers feel less stressed and work longer, more productive hours when they are exposed to natural light in the workplace. Not every office has the luxury of windows for every employee, but you can do better than the dulling effects pf fluorescent overhead lights.

Blue lights are the right move for offices without natural light. They create soft light and a comforting feeling that standard fluorescent bulbs cannot. It isn't the ideal scenario, but employees respond better to the added color.

Neat and Bright

In designing a cubicle system, you want an open layout with a clean, inviting feeling. That approach translates to employee desks as well. Organization gurus say minimal clutter on desks leads to higher productivity.

Well Lit Waiting Room

Management can set the tone by keeping bulletin boards or meeting rooms free of clutter. Employees feed off an office's energy on many levels. You can set a more efficient tone in layout and office upkeep when you establish a neat presence while avoiding a stifling feeling at all costs.

Bright blues seem to work best in office spaces, but there are many options to pursue when you want to get past the generic black and white office tones. Reds and oranges, for example, are strong colors; they can be overwhelming if used in abundance, but a few pops of these striking tones can add energy without being oppressively bright.

On that count, choosing to paint an office blue can backfire, as the color is not ideal for monotonous work. Nonetheless, blues tend to be the best color choices when you weigh the options for the office as a whole.

Use Nature to Your Advantage

Natural light may be the best way to illuminate an office, but other natural elements can help, too. For example, a Texas A&M study suggested flowers and plants in the workplace enhance the problem-solving abilities of employees and keep them hard at work throughout the day.

Interestingly, the study showed the greatest effects were on male employees. If your workplace has its share of men on the job, adding some plants to common areas will not hurt a bit. These living, breathing objects create a natural antidote to an overly symmetrical layout.

Optimizing office space involves a great deal of thought. You can solve several issues by fixing small details, but the larger battle may lie in your office layout and cubicle system.

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