Office Cubicles and Systems

Office Cubicles and Systems

Saving Money with Refurbished Cubicles

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Setting up a new office can be an expensive endeavor: buying computers, phones, coffee machines -- and the infrastructure to run them can eat up most of your budget. It's no wonder so many people turn to refurbished cubicles as a way to save money in office furnishings.

New cubes are expensive: top-of-the-line cubicles go for as much as $5,000 per workstation or more. The companies that pay these prices are typically very large firms where image and appearance is important. After 5 or 10 years, they'll sell those cubicles back to the manufacturers to get an entirely new setup - and that's what gives small businesses a chance to get the same top-quality cubicles at much lower prices.

Manufacturers take used cubicles in for a thorough re-manufacturing process. This generally includes replacing the fabrics, re-coating metal surfaces, repairing any damaged hardware, and inspecting the units top to bottom for any significant structural problems.

Because the refurbished cubicles are made to order, you'll have more choice than you do when buying other used furniture. You'll be able to select from multiple types of fabric and finishes, and choose exactly the configurations and accessories you want - from file drawers to overhead storage bins.

Are refurbished office cubicles right for you?

Unless your business image calls for the very latest designs, refurbished cubicles are by far the best value for office workstations. They provide almost identical quality and reliability to new cubicles, without the risk inherent in buying as-is cubicles.

For offices on very tight budgets, though, buying cubicles as-is is an even cheaper way to set up your employees with private work areas. However, you won't get any warranties or guarantees, you'll have to take whatever fabrics, colors, sizes, and accessories they have on hand, and you probably won't get installation services.

Also, as your business grows, buying used cubes makes it hard to get matching workstations later. While rows of mismatched cubicles gives your business a hard-working look, most companies prefer buying refurbished office furniture so they can have a more uniform appearance.

Working with a qualified systems furniture vendor to buy refurbished cubicles is the best long-term solution for most businesses. You can avoid the expense of new cubicles and still get the reliability and professional appearance that your business deserves.

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