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There are many advantages to owning a gas powered air compressor - from cost savings to mobility. Here's a breakdown of the major buying considerations.

Mobility and positioning with gas powered air compressors

The main advantage of using these machines is you don't need access to electricity in order for the machine to work. Rather than configuring a complex electrical system and providing yourself with access to outlets, these compressors can be used on the go or in an area where electrical service isn't available.

However, it's worth noting that one of the only drawbacks to the gas-powered option is actually its operational restriction: due to toxic exhaust emissions, it typically has to be operated outdoors or in a highly ventilated area.

For example, many vehicle-mounted gas compressors are used in construction, mining, law enforcement, and other outdoor-based industries. If you're on the move or work in areas that are unpopulated, underdeveloped, or aren't conducive to electrical equipment, gas powered air compressors are your best option.

Small business and home projects

Another main advantage of gas powered air compressors is the potential for output. Small businesses and freelancers who use compressors in non-industrial settings will be limited by the amperage tolerance of the building they work in. An electric compressor might be capable of handling 220v, but if the electrical system will short out because it can't handle that amount of output, the machine will effectively become worthless.

With a gas model, however, you can continue to upgrade your business applications without having to worry about electricity tolerance.


Although gas powered air compressors are generally more expensive than electrical compressors, they often justify their higher price tag through longevity and no electricity costs. Every year, the price of electricity goes up, and many businesses require their compressors to operate for long periods of time - often constantly. With the gas-powered option, you don't have to worry about those residual money drains.

Additionally, you might find that you incur fewer maintenance costs when you go with gas powered air compressors. These machines often run for longer periods of time without breaking down. If you'll be using the machine for months or years to come, you may need to buy just one gas compressor as opposed to three or four electrical ones.

Among the costs you'll pay are:

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