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Air Compressors

The Basics of Vehicle Mounted Air Compressors

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Many of today's businesses are "in the field," moving from one location to another for contracts, client meetings, or even demonstrations. Vehicle mounted air compressors help support this need for mobility by providing easily portable compressed air power for service trucks, public works, utilities, and an endless variety of heavy construction applications.

Here's an introduction to what you need to know to purchase one for your business.

Types of vehicle mounted air compressors

Some portable compressors are mobile simply by virtue of packaging:

Vehicle mounted air compressor

The type of compressor you need will depend on the power supply and application of the machine. For example, many construction crews use air compressors that are powered by their vehicles because they don't always have access to an electrical supply. The type you choose will depend on the amount of pressure per square inch (PSI) you require, as well as your space limitations.

Important features

All vehicle mounted air compressors are not created equal. And it's important that you choose the machine that provides you with the most features for the job at hand. Different PSI and CFM capabilities, for example, will determine how long you can use the compressor and how much power you are able to generate. Furthermore, you'll want the necessary safety features to ensure that the operating crew is secure.

Many vehicle mounted air compressors come with pre-set RPM controls that allow you to determine in advance how much power is generated through the vehicle. Other important features include:

Rotary screw compressors are the most convenient option for businesses that require constant output over a long period of time, as opposed to reciprocating compressors that require regular rest periods.

Buying tip: don't forget to ask about optimum PSI versus maximum PSI, which will make a difference. If a compressor is capable of running at 175 PSI, for example, but is intended for work at 150 PSI, the machine won't last as long when run at that higher number.

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