Interior Modular Construction

Interior Modular Construction

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The Pros and Cons of Carpet Tile Flooring

If you are the owner of a commercial setting and you are looking for a solution to your flooring, you may want to consider carpet tile flooring, also known as modular carpet. Read this article so you understand the pros and cons.

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In-plant Offices Connect you With your Team

Supervisors and managers in a plant need offices; however, when the offices are so far removed from their workers, it tends to be extremely inefficient. That’s where in-plant offices can help make your company more effective.

Facilities of All Types Are Lining Up For Modular Bathrooms

Installing a modular bathroom, also known as “bathroom pods,” is a great option for your company if you’re looking to add more bathrooms to your facility without costly construction or permanent changes. Read more.

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