Interior Modular Construction

Interior Modular Construction

Facilities of All Types Are Lining Up For Modular Bathrooms

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Installing a modular bathroom, also known as a "prefabricated bathroom pod," is a great option for your company if you're looking to add more bathrooms to your facility without costly construction or permanent changes. The following are five real-life examples of different companies installing modular bathrooms like those produced by Panel Built and other leading national suppliers.

After reading the list, we've also included a section on estimated costs, based on the popular uses below, to give you a better idea what you can expect to pay.

Benefits of modular bathrooms

1. Hotels. Hotels are one of the top users of bathroom pods. In fact, Premier Inn Hotel in the UK has recently installed 1,500 modular bathrooms. In this example, the bathroom pods were made of steel and ended up improving the look of the hotel's accommodations. When you choose to get bathroom pods, you will be able to choose a model that will fit your property's design.

2. Universities. With the population growing and so many more young adults attending schools, universities are attempting to fit everyone on campus. One thing that many universities have found, like the University of Brighton, is that bathroom pods are a cost-effective way to install bathroom facilities when they have a limited time frame. This is really helpful for universities because modular bathrooms can be installed much more quickly than a traditional bathroom can be constructed.

3. Hospitals. There is a great need in hospitals for these types of bathroom facilities. When it comes to a cost-effective way to install more bathrooms, many hospitals, like Addenbrooks Hospital, choose modular bathrooms because they are sleek and hygienic - perfect for hospital settings.

4. Nursing homes. Like hospitals, nursing homes across the country use modular bathrooms because they are easy to clean. Nursing home bathroom facilities tend to get dirty easily, and with these pods, you can save time and labor costs.

5. Prisons. With prisons becoming overcrowded and current infrastructure getting old and worn out, many prisons are looking for affordable alternatives. As a result, prisons throughout the UK have been installing bathroom pods.

Modular bathroom estimated costs

Prefabricated and factory-built bathroom pods are available with a wide range of options. Most feature a high degree of water-efficiency to keep costs low while providing green, sustainable operation. Designs typically include a commode and wash basin, with deluxe models incorporating additional amenities like mirrors, cabinets and vanities, and even sound-proofing (talk about privacy!).

Expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 to $3,300 per unit for single basic designs. If you need more than one bathroom, you may be able to save some money with sets. Multiple modular bathrooms, often in sets of four or six, will start around $3,000 and extend beyond $5,000 per set. Single-unit deluxe models also run in the $3,000 to $5,000 range.

Curious what you'd pay to add on a permanent bathroom to your facility? That answer will depend on your geographic location. Some estimates for remodels are as low as $1,800 to $2,400 for basic construction in certain areas. Add cabinetry and other amenities and the figure jumps past $10,000. And then in New York, reported averages top $32,000.

There are many examples of the benefits of modular bathrooms. You will find that whatever situation you have, there will most likely be an appropriate bathroom pod for your needs. In addition to these commercial uses, you can even get residential bathroom pods for your own home. They are an affordable, hygienic and quick fix when you need to add more or update bathrooms.

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