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Comparing Prices on Steel Storage Containers

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storage container prices

Most people and businesses underestimate the value of available storage space, until they actually need it. Then it's worth its weight in gold. And unfortunately, when you're up against the wall, that's pretty much what you can expect to pay.

But by planning ahead, you can integrate steel storage containers into your organization and have them delivered to a vacant lot, loading pad, or construction site when you need quick, reliable space for your belongings or overstock goods and fixtures.

A variety of businesses, trades, and industries rely on metal storage containers due to their nearly limitless versatility. Retailers use the available space to store additional inventory and seasonal items. Construction and landscaping businesses keep their equipment, tools, and supplies in containers. Even the military uses steel storage containers (or "connex boxes") to store weapons, training equipment, and rations.

And the secret to their versatility is the simple yet highly-durable nature of their construction.

Steel storage containers construction

Steel storage containers are made with 8- or 14-gauge corrugated steel from top to bottom, including the walls, doors, and roof. The containers also feature one-inch thick floors made of marine grade plywood that can withstand 16,000 pounds of pressure per 100 sq ft. All corners and edges are connected with an elastic sealing compound to protect the structure and its contents from weather, fire, and the pests that are commonly found around buildings and on loading docks.

Modern shipping containers also feature optional upgrades that include:

Sizes and types of steel storage containers for sale

Available in a variety of standard lengths, most steel storage containers are 8' or 10' wide and 8'6" high. Among the most common containers are:

Will you buy, rent, or lease?

New steel storage containers range in cost depending on length, condition, certification (including ISO9001, CSC, and TS16949:2002) as well as extras like refrigeration and shelving .Generally speaking, for a new/one-trip shipping container, you can expect to pay the following base prices and upgrade fees:

If you're a small- to mid-range business, the above costs could deter you from making a purchase. So use these brief guidelines to help decide what may be best for you:

A quick word about used containers

If you're interested in purchasing but don't necessary need a brand new box,used storage containers can be another way to go. Previously-owned models are cleaned, refurbished, and tested for wind and water tightness. Best of all, they provide nearly the same quality as a new model for 20% to 30% less in cost.

Want to learn more about steel storage containers? Read the BuyerZone Storage Containers Buyer's Guide. Afterwards, submit a free request for quotes to get matched up to as many as six different storage container suppliers.

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