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How to Find a High-quality Catalog Printing Service

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Investing in printing catalogs can have a positive impact on your marketing campaign. Catalog printing is an inexpensive way to give your marketing materials a professional look. You can achieve the high-quality-catalog look for low price, by choosing to work a skilled designer who is up to speed with printing trends and specifications.

Catalog marketing caters to a number of marketing strategies, mainly impulse buying. A professionally designed, quality catalog can give your business a sleek and presentable image. Great design, a seamless layout and enticing photographs of your products, along with phone and online purchasing options, will entice your potential customers to make a purchase from the comfort of their homes.

A printed product catalog can be an effective tool in eliminating competing businesses. It's rare that every business in your area will use a catalog, and if they do, it's not likely to arrive in your customer's mailbox the same day as yours. Your professionally designed catalog will have the undivided attention of your customers and potential customers.

Cost of catalogs

A low cost catalog can also provide convenience. Your customers will enjoy browsing your catalog, delivered to their door, rather than shop from store to store for what they need. Unlike other forms of direct marketing, customers report that they are content receiving a catalog filled with a wide selection of products related to their interests. Catalogs featuring a price beside each product, are the most effective. Let your customers know the price, clearly with each product, as they read your catalog.

A standard, 8-page, 5.5" x 8.5" catalog in full color, will cost $4.32 each. Catalog prices on this catalog printer's website are one example of what you can get for your money. Generally, the cost per catalog will decrease, when the amount your order increases.

For example, 1,000 20-page full color catalogs will cost about eighty cents each, where 20,000 printed catalogs would cost twenty five cents each.

Final printing

A full color catalog is a wise choice when you seek to put your products and services in front of your potential customers. The catalog printing process begins with a draft and layout design, which can be easily uploaded and printed and mailed by a professional catalog printer. Selections like economy or rush mailing and paper quality will affect the end price.

Once a mistake is made and printed, you will not be issued a refund. Printers follow strict deadlines for receiving files, therefore it is extremely difficult to cancel a job that has been sent to the printer. Additional fees will accrue when a job is removed from the printer, in turn, affecting other scheduled jobs.

In order to avoid mistakes or extra charges, be sure your files are edited and before submitting them to the printer. Taking extra time to perfect your content, will save you time and money in the end. For a flawless, professional look, hire a designer familiar with the printing process. This will ensure your that your catalog meets all the necessary specifications before being sent to the printer. Preparation is key when creating and printing a quality catalog. With the right people on your team, your catalog is sure to be a hit.

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