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Direct Mail Services

Coupon Mailing Campaign Tips and Pricing

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A coupon mailer campaign can be extremely effective in bringing customers back to your business. Coupons offer an incentive to make a purchase or become reacquainted with the goods and services provided by your business. Coupon mailers are also a good way to pique the interest of potential customers. These newer customers may be willing to give your business a try, with this added incentive.

Coupons that count

In order to develop a coupon campaign that works, be sure to involve professionals familiar with the process as well as involving your own staff.


Depending on the piece of mail you choose and how many you order, the total price of your direct mail campaign will vary. The prices below are based on an order of 5,000 pieces before postage and handling.

Type Cost per piece Total Ordered Cost (before postage)
Jumbo Postcard $0.07 5,000 $350
Sales letter $0.05 5,000 $250
2-color self mailer $0.05 5,000 $100

Success and Good Return

Striking a good balance between customer incentive and potential profit is the goal when choosing a coupon mailer for your business. A successful campaign will increase sales, without giving away your product for free.

In order to guarantee a profit regardless of the coupon, be sure to incorporate the cost of the coupon into your advertising budget. Keep in mind that customers will likely be more willing to cash in a 50% coupon rather than a 10% coupon. The cost to print a coupon mailer campaign will generally depend on how many pieces you plan to mail. Targeting a large number of people, in a specific demographic will prove to be beneficial as it will cost less per piece to produce.

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