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Direct Mail Services

How and When to use a Mass Mailing Campaign

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In this email focused world, mass mailing is still a good idea, when seeking to stay in touch with your customers, and find new ones. A mass mailing can range from sending out a few special offerings, to bulk-mailing several thousand coupons. The end result is the same; reinforcing your brand's message and keeping your name in front of your customers.

The method of mass mailing you choose, whether produced in-house or a purchased mailing list from an outside brokers, will be as effective as your creativity and consistency.

From sales letters to informational fliers

Mass mailing a sales letter is timeless. It's a tried and true method of marketing that still works. This type of mailing, however, requires immediate follow up in order to build rapport with current and potential clients. Sales letters are a convenient, professional way to reach out to prospects and leads. When coupled with a personalized sales contact, your sales letters can be a critical step in turning prospects into sales.

Informational fliers can also help to expand awareness of your brand and its products or services. Fliers may not be likely to result in immediate orders, but will provide a friendly reminder to customers, of the products and services your business has to offer. When designing an informational flier, be sure to be brief and to the point.

A flier can be your partner in announcing a positive change in your offerings or simply to create a buzz and curiosity about a new product or service. Promoting a sale, will let your customers know that you appreciate their business. Consistent mailing of this type of flier, will develop customer loyalty and keep customers coming back to your business.

Newsletters and holiday greetings

A monthly or yearly newsletter is a great way to gain credibility in the marketplace as well as answer common questions. Educational newsletters can be time-consuming mailing, but will offer the most value and useful information to your customers.

Use your newsletter as an opportunity to promote your credibility and authority in your industry. Newsletters, when done properly, can be an effective marketing tool. Variations on the newsletter can also include a practical advice mailer or tip sheet. Use this opportunity to leverage yourself as an expert, and be sure to provide accurate information.

Holiday cards mailed throughout the year, can send a courteous, thoughtful message to your loyal clients. Be sure to include a personalized message, and thank your customers for their continued support.

The bottom line

The best reason for choosing a bulk mailing, is your company's bottom line. A mass mailing is an opportunity for your small business to reach a large amount of people for a low cost. By partnering with a direct mail service, you will also save yourself time. Time and money are two huge commodities when it comes to running a small business. Your time is valuable and your well spent marketing money should bring in sales. When done correctly, over time, a mass mailing effort will service both of these needs.

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