Trade Show Displays

Trade Show Displays

Trade Show Planning Pays Off

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Now, more than ever, trade show marketing dollars need to be justified. That is not to say that you should pull back and stop attending trade shows altogether. But it does make sense to spend your dollars wisely.

Analyze spending

When you track and analyze the amount of money you are investing in your trade shows, you will have a better picture of your return on investment. Planning your trade shows based on a budget and past experiences, will ensure your marketing dollars are well spent.

Quick Tips

  • Focus on revenues. Determine success based on the actual sales made, not just the number of leads generated.
  • Leasing available. To avoid tying up cash, consider leasing a trade show display instead of buying outright.
  • Extend display life. Be careful when setting up, taking down and packing your display, including graphics. That can add years to the exhibit's life.

No matter the event, your display should feel fresh. A tired-looking display will not inspire the excitement you need for your event to be successful. Freshening up your display can be as simple as jazzing up your booth with larger graphics, new colors, or fresh bulbs. Although you may have the urge to "wait until next year," resist it. This minimal investment can help you dramatically improve your results.

Seeking ways to save

If you need to buy a new display, consider renting before buying. Trade show display vendors will typically apply part or all of the rental fees toward the purchase cost. If you must buy, consider a refurbished model for your tight budget.

There are additional savings to be found in your promotional product distribution strategy, as well. It's a given these days that nothing comes for free. Require people to walk through a demonstration or to complete a survey, before they can get their "freemium." By being discriminating about who receives the promotions, you can potentially buy more memorable, desirable keepsakes without having to increase your promotions budget.

Plan ahead

Whatever you decide to do for the upcoming trade show season, remember to plan ahead. Procrastinators are rarely rewarded in life, especially not when it comes to trade shows. The following actions can save hundreds of dollars right away without requiring any additional scrimping or saving.

Advance planning on your part will also help you take advantage of a recent trend for attendees to determine which exhibits they want to visit in advance of the show. These trade show goers need to plan ahead to maximize their time at a trade show, which is often a day or two shorter than in the past. Catch these potential buyers by marketing to them in advance, but save yourself some money by prioritizing which ones you actually approach.

Making decisions now, about how to approach the upcoming trade show season, can translate into big savings and better results.

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