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Custom Golf Car Maintenance and Warranties

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Maintenance is an important consideration for any custom golf car, whether gas-powered or electric-powered. Gasoline engines require more ongoing maintenance than electric motors. Routine maintenance like changing spark plugs, air filters, and oil must be observed when owning a gasoline engine powered golf cart.

On the other hand, an electric golf car needs much less maintenance. In most cases they will need to have the water level in their batteries checked regularly, which is simple but essential. More significantly, the batteries in electric golf cars need to be replaced every couple of years at a cost of $400 to $500.

Routine maintenance

Having custom golf car maintenance done regularly - on the schedule recommended by the manufacturer - can drastically extend your vehicle's lifespan and improve its performance. Something as simple as making sure there's enough oil in the engine and air in the tires can help safeguard your investment.

With proper maintenance, you can expect about five years of use out of a custom gasoline golf car and 10 years out of a custom electric golf car.

Custom golf car service contracts

In a commercial setting, it's usually worth purchasing a service contract to cover custom golf car maintenance. Usually the dealer will be able to provide on-site service for all scheduled maintenance, although you may save money on the service contract by agreeing to bring your vehicles in to their shop. If your business has a maintenance crew on staff, a service contract may not be worthwhile: basic automotive expertise is all that's required for most upkeep. The dealer should still provide the parts you need.

If you purchase a custom golf car from an online dealer, make sure you know where you'll turn for service. The dealer should be able to provide you with authorized service locations near you. Also, while you may save money buying online, you won't be able to take the vehicle for a test drive or select customization options in person.

Typical maintenance

Here are the typical maintenance schedules along with a few costs to consider.

Tires typically last for a year, potentially decades if the proper pressure is put into them. Too much pressure puts too much weight into the tires when the cart is occupied and can cause a blowout. Too little will cause the sidewalls to rub the trail or course you are driving, thus wearing them out.

Oil - Changing the oil every few hundred miles is a great way to start. Oil costs vary from area to area, but the owner shouldn’t spend more than $20 for a quart or $40 to have their oil changed by a professional.

Tire alignment - Failure to have your tires aligned adds more stress to your tires as well as your cart’s superstructure and frame. A typical alignment should be done yearly or earlier depending on your driving habits and whether or not you’ve had any jarring accident. Typical cost of an alignment should never be more than $100.

Your electrical system - (battery contacts and wiring) should be checked annually as well. Cleaning these could extend your battery life exponentially in both gas and electric carts. Cost is fairly minimum but don’t pay more than $40 if you have someone else clean your contacts.

Batteries should be serviced every six months if you use your cart heavily. Doing so helps to ensure you do not have a dead cell and increases your battery life tenfold.

When shopping for a cart, make sure there is an extended warranty in place before you purchase your new cart and plan on a maintenance schedule after you do. Research an online dealer's background and check references to make sure they're trustworthy for online transactions and customer satisfaction. They should offer the same level of direct customer attention that a traditional dealer provides.

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