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For golfers, a golf cart can be a luxury that enhances the game. For other businesses, it's a reliable and versatile vehicle for easily carrying or pulling heavy loads around. Considering new vehicles cost $4,000 to $5,000 - and that's before customization - it's tempting to look for dealers who offer used golf carts for sale at a fraction of that cost.

Buying used golf carts can save you money, but it's important to understand what you're buying so you don't end up with a costly burden.

Used golf carts for sale terminology

For starters, understand the different jargon that dealers use to describe used golf carts for sale. They generally come in two flavors: refurbished and "as is". While both types of used golf carts will save you money, there are distinct differences.

Refurbished golf carts are vehicles that the dealer systematically cleans, repaints, and repairs so they appear as good as new. These pre-owned vehicles typically feature some sort of warranty - at least 30 days for parts and labor - so you know you can buy with confidence. Some dealers may even be able to customize used golf carts for sale with different materials, upholstery, enclosed canopies, and windshields for an additional cost.

With "as is"" golf carts, the cleaning process is much less comprehensive, perhaps just a coat of paint and a basic cleaning. While golf carts offered "as is" will save you the most money, you don't get any sort of implied warranty and you could end up incurring more expenses in upkeep and repairs.

Regardless which type of used golf cart for sale you're likely to buy, the best way to make sure if it's worth the money is to take one out for a test drive. Make sure you can easily adjust the seats and mirrors to your liking. Locate all the controls and find out if everything you'll need is at arm's length. Also, carefully test the brakes. Even though you likely won't be drag racing down a course, you do want to make sure you can stop easily to avoid injury to yourself or someone else.

Another note about used golf carts for sale - you'll likely only find electric-powered models. Used gas golf carts are hard to come by and even harder to find at a low price. If you prefer gas-powered golf carts, it's better to look into newer models.

Who offers used golf carts for sale?

Used golf carts end up on the open market in different ways. An individual owner may no longer need it or wants to upgrade to a new model. A golf course could try to free up room for newer models. Rental fleets may have multiple used golf carts for sale that are coming off of long-term agreements. You could find your golf cart from any of these sources, but the right seller will help walk you through your options and be there for you after the sale.

When you shop for a used golf cart, look for dealers who provide top notch customer service and support. You want to work with someone that has a great deal of experience, strong community reputation, and commitment to keeping customers happy. To help you find dealers of similar ilk, BuyerZone offers a free request for golf carts quotes service. Complete a simple form and we'll match you up with multiple dealers that will provide competitive price quotes for your used golf cart purchase.

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