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Home Security Systems

8 Wireless Home Security Features Homeowners Should Look For

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Individuals who have transitioned to from DSL lines to Wi Fi will tell you that the entire process has changed the way they use their computers and mobile devices - for the good. Americans are more mobile now and the benefits and features of a wireless home security system utilize the best in new technology.

Hassle-free installation

When a hard-wired system is installed in your home, the technician must drill into the house to place wires for security components. Even with the utmost of care, installers can and do damage the home where they have drilled. With a wireless system the only wires that are run are for A/C and telephone communication.

More placement options

When hardwiring a security system, there are limitations on where you can place each security device and component - similar to having a DSL for your computer or wiring for your television cable. Even the best of services will not be able to run a wire for the placement of motion detector or glass breaking detector.

With a wireless service, you place the monitors and devices exactly where you want them.

Wireless Security Alarm Keypad

More security

The whole premise behind purchasing a home security system is to protect your home and family. Hardwired systems that run on electricity can fail when there are power outages or when a potential burglar shuts down the main switch to your house. Back-up power lasts only so long - if you have one at all. If you have a system that is totally dedicated to phone lines, your system can be in the same jeopardy.

With a wireless system there are no power line or telephone wires to depend on. Keep your batteries fresh and you are in business.

More coverage area

Some of the best systems can communicate readily over hundreds of feet without difficulty, effectively doubling the size of your coverage area. For homeowners with large properties or anyone looking to cover a greater swath of territory, simple solutions like these let you create vast and effective networks.

Couple the basic components with additional sensors that transmit their own radio signals and you can even "daisy-chain" several systems together to cover unlimited acreage.

Easy monitoring

It is critical that you are able to access your home's system from anywhere. You might be attending a conference somewhere and want to check on your kids and their babysitter. If you will be out of the country, you should be able to grant access to a close friend or relative. There are also companies that offer to monitor your home.

Time saving with installation

While we are very mobile, the average person is still extremely busy. Time is a luxury. Wireless systems take less than 90 minutes to install where as other systems can take from three to six hours.


If you have a hardwired home security system and you sell your home, the system has become part of the property and belongs to the new owners. A wireless service is like a mobile phone - it goes wherever you do.

More flexibility

The needs of your family will change over time. You may add on to your home, enclose your garage, finish your basement, add pets or have more children. With a wireless home security system, it's simple to upgrade and acquire additional sensors, cameras, alarms, or other components as necessary.

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