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Why Keyless Door Locks May Work for You

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Keyless door locks have entered the market because of their security and convenience. On the security side, a keyless lock will typically offer greater safety than a traditional lock. While the door can still be broken down with enough force, keyless locks are far more difficult to bypass, pick, jimmy, or even open with a copied key. This additional security may be more than welcome for a business with sensitive information or a household that wants extra protection.

On the convenience side, keyless locks offer greater control and easier entrance management. Fumbling for the right key is often replaced with a simpler sequence or digital access feature that can save you time. Customizable features allow you stricter control of who has access to your lock and when they can get inside.

Common categories of keyless door locks

These are several common types of keyless options currently on the market, each with a slightly different set of benefits.

Keyless Doorlocks
  • Keypads: These systems offer either mechanical or electronic keypads that unlock with the right numerical code. Mechanical versions are handy because they function without a power source. Electronic versions allow you to develop multiple codes for different family members and friends. Prices range from $100 to $180.

  • Biometric Devices: Biometric doors read your fingerprint for personalized security. They cost around $200.

  • Smartphone-Pairing: These keyless door locks pair with a smartphone app. Bring up the app from your phone to unlock the door. These locks also tend to cost between $180 and $200, or more.

  • Remote-Based: These locks give you an extra remote to unlock your door, similar to a garage door opener. They lower the price down to around $150.

  • Smart Locks: Smart locks are the latest keyless door lock options. They work with proximity features in your phone, allowing you to unlock the door just by being near it. Prices rise to around $300 for the latest models. Smart locks can also be included in a larger home automation installation.

Some final considerations

When choosing a keyless lock option, start with your security needs. Putting a keyless lock on your front door may help increase your security, but if you have a back door with easy entry, it may not make much of a difference. Should you equip all your doors with keyless locks (a much more expensive prospect) or focus only on one entrance and use alternatives for other doors and windows?

Think about how criminals could access your building before making your choice.

Installation is another important consideration. You can usually install traditional locks in a DIY project if you have the right screwdrivers and maybe a little help. Keyless locks are not always so simple. Sometimes professionals must install them as part of an overall security system, or link them up to electrical lines so that all options and features are available. This installation cost is an additional consideration.

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