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Home Security Systems

Home Security Showdown: CPI vs Protection 1

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The market for home security systems is getting harder to navigate. With improved technology and once-pricey features now mainstream, many consumers now consider video surveillance and cell monitoring standard. Nevertheless, the best systems still come from companies that specialize in home security solutions, such as CPI Security Systems and Protection 1 Security Solutions (P1).

This comparison of the two providers will help you decide which system is right for you.

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Installation and setup: Even match

Unlike many home security providers, both CPI and P1 offer installation by a technician skilled in alarm setup. An expert will hook up the motion sensors, situate the control panel, install the door sensors and window guards, and show you how to operate each feature before departing. For anyone who isn't a tech whiz, this delivers a great deal of value.

Overall list of package options: Slight edge to CPI

In a comparison of package features, both companies bring a lot to the table. P1's digital and video package includes two-way voice communication with security agents, smash protection, full Web and mobile controls, and text notifications that keep you posted on any security breaches. CPI systems deliver on all these counts and in addition offer medical protection for the elderly or any other resident with a need for instant emergency contact.

High-tech devices and control: Even

When you're looking at modern home security solutions, wireless video cameras and monitoring via smartphones and tablets are now standard. Both CPI and P1 packages offer homeowners the opportunity to set up interior surveillance and control the system from any Internet-enabled device. That means you can allay your concerns while at work or on vacation, or anywhere else. The P1 Energy add-on even allows you to turn on lights and make sure locks are activated.

Checking on essentials like pet safety and medicine cabinets: Even.

It took a number of years for security companies to perfect systems that could detect motion yet ignore the movements of your pets. Both companies have solved this problem and can even communicate pet rescues. Issues like the disturbance of medicine cabinets or gun racks are also addressed. Every parent wants to be certain these areas remain secure while away from home, and both CPU and P1 have solutions.

Overall cost of setup and monthly premiums: Slight edge to P1

For homeowners with less need for a high-powered security system, the P1 system will deliver on every essential feature and keep your family and property safely monitored. CPI plans can double as business-grade plans and home security solutions for larger homes with multiple surveillance points. Because of the extra scope, they come with a higher price tag.

For homeowners on a limited budget, P1 offers affordable home security. For more advanced coverage, choose CPI security solutions.

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