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Home Security Systems

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Home Security System

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Questions to ask when choosing a home security system

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Do you monitor my system at your own facility?  
Do you have a comprehensive network of dedicated Customer Monitoring Centers strategically located across the United States?  
Are your Monitoring Centers UL-Listed and approved?  
Are your Monitoring Centers supported by multitiered disaster preparedness procedures and equipped with multiple backup systems?  
Will you reimburse me up to $500 for my homeowner's insurance deductible in the event of a burglary?  
Can my system be diagnosed and reprogrammed over the telephone by a Monitoring Center?  
Do you offer a five-day familiarization program to help eliminate false alarms?  
Do you have 24-hour technical support AND customer service?  
Do you offer a live two-way voice link directly with your Customer Monitoring Center during an alarm condition?  
Do you offer a cellular backup that keeps my alarm system connected to your Monitoring Center in the event that the phone lines are down or disrupted? Is it affordable?  
Have you been in business for over 130 years?  
Do you provide a Money-Back Service Guarantee in writing?  
Do you have a Nationwide Relocation offer?  
Do you serve over 90% of the Fortune 500 companies?  
Do you serve most of the U.S. Government?  
Do you use only UL-approved equipment?  
Are you the largest security company in the United States?  
Do you supply a Homeowner's Insurance Certificate for the maximum possible discounts?  
Are you the nation's #1 choice in home security?  

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