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BrickHouse Security Review

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Brickhouse Security is a firm that has been in the security business for several generations. BrickHouse Security is the technology provider of choice for law enforcement, corporate security, media outlets and consumers who need home security, or PC monitoring and cell phone monitoring solutions.

BrickHouse Security can help you monitor your home with a hidden motion detecting camera, or full wireless security camera system. Whatever your security and automation needs are, they have offer piece of mind.


Brickhouse Security has been a BBB Accredited business since May 2011 and has an A+ rating on the site. They were rated on this scale for their length of time operating, quick customer complaint resolution and a background that is trusted.

Best-selling home security systems

BrickHouse sells MORzA home security systems, and you can start protecting your home immediately with state-of-the-art interactive security and 24/7 central station monitoring for as little as $99. And best of all, there's no installation required. The system is pre-configured by their technicians and arrives at your door ready to work right out of the box. Setting up a call with a BrickHouse MORzA specialist is all you need and you can start enjoying the benefits of a world-class interactive home security system immediately.

Sentry Package - The MORzA Sentry home security package contains everything you need to start protecting your home from intruders. With their remote monitoring capabilities you'll be aware of your house's security no matter where you are, thanks to the MORzA Go!Control Panel.

This home security package includes:

These features make it an ideal alarm system for securing a smaller location with 2-3 entry ways. The sensors and control panel are monitored online and via central station monitoring. In the event of a break-in the control panel's siren alarm will go off, but you'll also be notified by your remote monitoring device. The central station monitoring will be alerted of a disturbance. An affordable option for small businesses and home owners, the MORzA Sentry is the best among similar home security systems at just $99, with a $39.99/month monitoring fee.

MORzA + Fire - means what it seems: not only do you get total home security protection, but this package also includes a MORzA-enabled Smoke/Heat/Freeze Sensor. Whatever is threatening your home, from criminals to the elements, there is a home security sensor included in this package to address the issue. And, because all of the alarm system sensors are Z-wave enabled and sync up with the included Go!Control Panel, if there is an emergency, the alarm will sound, central station monitoring will be alerted, and you'll receive an immediate notification on your smartphone or PC. No matter where you are in the world, you'll never have to worry about your home's safety for only $159.

MORzA Control -This package includes a good start in home security, remote monitoring, and home automation. The package includes 2 lighting and appliance modules, a smoke and heat sensor, and window and door sensors. This package transforms your home into a "Smart Home", allowing you to access appliances, and security sensors remotely. Priced at $199, this is deal when compared to similar models offering these features.

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