Home Security Systems

Home Security Systems

Control4 is a relatively new company that was founded in 2003 and shipped its first products a few years later. They have over 1,600 dealers in the United States and Canada and distribute their products to 70 countries worldwide. Their products are based on the idea that you shouldn't need to do extensive remodeling to install security products and use wireless technologies and secure Internet protocols to monitor security and other functions in a smart home. They work not only in the security field, but also use the latest technologies to fully automate homes - entryway opening/closing, lighting, windows and a variety of other devices and installations.

They are headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Control 4 has a number of certifications and awards. They have both the Website and Sales/Marketing Assistance gold awards for the 2011 CEPro Quest for Quality, the 2011 Electronic House Product of the Year for their proprietary operating system and touch screen, three awards from CES for 2011 Innovations and a multitude of other awards from CEDIA, Cnet, Exc!te, Utah CEO of the Year and Electronic House Home of the Year among others.

Where do they install?

Though they are based in Utah, they install and distribute products all over the world. They directly operate throughout North America and with their partners worldwide.

Customer opinions

The Better Business Bureau

Control4 was reviewed on Gizmodo and described as an "entry-level", "lower budget" firm. Their starter system that completely automates many of the aspects of your home costs only $5000 with everything included. Every aspect of your home can be controlled by a remote or even your phone - lights, doors, locks, temperature and so on.

Interestingly, Gizmodo also found the price a negative point. The basic package for $5,000 cannot be tailored to remove unnecessary components and there's no way to get the price even lower if you do not need some aspects of the system.

The operating system that Control4 uses is somewhat flexible, although some reviewers have said that not everything they wanted could be done on it. Perhaps this can be considered a good thing though, as security is of utmost concern when you are connecting your home, its safety and your phone all to the Internet.

Home or business

Control4 provides security and smart home technology for residential, commercial and corporate locations, the energy industry and hospitality.

What sets them apart?

Control4 ships and installs a number of highly innovative features that are based on elegance and an ultra modern style. In addition to all the latest technologies in home security, they also work with home entertainment (multi-room music and networked screens), energy management (central controls for all appliances in the home; temperature and light dimming technologies), home control remotely using smart phones, tablets and computers, home theaters, centrally controlled blinds, pools and so on. Also check out our complete article on Control4's home automation offering.

For businesses, Control4 can provide all of the innovations available to residences with enhanced security, HVAC, advanced customer service and support and better productivity for your business. Control4 is also qualified in customizing businesses for LEED Certification, which means greater tax credits.

What questions to ask Control 4 when requesting a quote?

This company offers tailor made solutions. It is best to have one of their consultants evaluate your property and make suggestions as to improvements in all aspects of your home or business.

Because Control4 uses a proprietary operating system to manage control of all elements of the smart homes and businesses they design, it's important to find out what happens if you choose to not use their services any more or move. You may have to pay extra fees in this case and it's always a good idea to know every potential fee up front.

Be sure to ask about any installation fees, the cost of equipment, whether you can bring your own equipment for them to monitor and so on.

The length of your contract is also an important point to know in advance and whether there are any cancellation fees or automatic renewals. If there is any aspect of the contract you would like changed, ask them for more favorable terms.

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