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Benefits of a Panic Button in Your Home

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Panic Button

Most people are used to seeing a panic button in places such as banks, gas stations, convenience stores, but they are increasingly becoming popular for home security as well. Many panic alarms are installed onto your security system panel and will give instructions to your security monitoring company to call the police if pressed.

If you are updating or installing a residential security system, consider including a panic button into your new configuration. A panic alarm can provide plenty of benefits, including:

Immediate contact to an outside organization

A panic button guarantees that someone will respond and can often be customized with a variety of response options. This is usually specified in the terms of your contract. There is a grace period of anywhere between 30 seconds to a minute where you have a chance to type in a disarm code into the security control panel. If this is not done, the firm will call the police for you.

The police usually have no idea what they are getting into when they come out to see what's wrong. If you are still in the house, it pays to get out if you can. The police have no way of knowing who the actual intruder is, so remain passive and lie low with your hands clearly visible when police enter the property. Comply with anything the police tell you as they will be looking to stabilize and control the situation and eliminate any threats.

Silent, hidden operation

Panic alarm buttons are designed to be unobtrusive. They are hidden in areas that are both out of sight and easy to reach, and they have an easy, noiseless operation. This makes them very easy to use even in a frightening situation, and that ensures people nearby will not notice that it has been enabled.

Protective covers

Panic buttons come equipped with protective covers and other safety devices that keep them from being accidentally triggered. This helps avoid accidental alarms caused by cleaning or natural movement. It also helps avoid accidental triggers caused by curious toddlers or family pets.

Home insurance benefits

While security alarms benefit home insurance in general, panic alarms are in a small category of their own and add another layer of protection. This can help lower home insurance even more and may appeal to future home buyers who are looking for such an added security measure.

More accurate security systems

A panic button is willfully activated. Burglar alarms, on the other hand, can be tripped by accident. Friends, pets, unwary delivery people, and even the wind can activate sensors. If those sensors automatically contact a police force by accident, then steep fees are a result.

Health and safety advantages

Plenty of panic buttons are designed for the elderly or those with health problems who need to have a panic button handy. These can be worn or carried around and activated at any time in case of an emergency. Then they send a wireless sign to a wall unit and initiate contact with a family member or health organization. These alarms work best to help with accidents, falls, and medical problems.

Physical peace of mind

If you live in a violence-prone neighborhood or have been attacked in your house before, then a panic alarm adds a much-needed measure of peace to your daily routine. Panic alarms can also provide a lot of peace of mind when it comes to summoning help for fires or other disasters.

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