Hot Tubs

Hot Tubs

Large hot tubs can provide a great venue for entertaining, as well as being a great place to relax after a long, hard day. As long as your family, friends and coworkers are comfortable with a party that involves swim suits, it can be a great investment to get a hot tub large enough to accommodate everyone. Besides, the bigger hot tubs tend to have more features than smaller ones.

For those who are serious about entertaining there is a model called The Ultimate Home Cinema Deluxe Hot Tub with 42" TV System. This hot tub model includes 12 seats, has 124 jets, has four types of seating (bucket, lounge, chair and bench), and comes with a 42" flat screen TV/Stereo, four waterproof sub woofers /Ozone, ambiance lighting and ice buckets You can expect to pay between $9,500 -$18,000 depending on the retailer and the sale price.

Advantages of large hot tubs

The obvious advantage of large hot tubs is that they can fit more people. There are hot tubs that are big enough for 10-12, and these can be excellent for family and work parties, as well as general entertaining. Additionally, large hot tubs often come with such features as more jets and more options in terms of color and style. However, it is important to note that most large hot tubs are what is known as non-loungers. This means that they do not have the seats in them that resemble lounge chairs. But it is this very lack that contributes to the ability of the big hot tubs to fit more people.

Therapeutic - Someone in your immediate family has a specific ailment that would benefit from hot water therapy. If you’re seeking out a hot tub for therapeutic reasons, it’s important that the individual take a "dry run" and try sitting in the hot tub to ensure they receive the therapy from the unit where they need it most.

Stress & Relaxation - Many buyers are searching for a quick daily or every other day retreat from the hectic pace of their lives. A large hot tub is great for families looking to spend some time together while eliminating some of the online distractions existing today.


When you prepare to buy one of the larger hot tubs, it is important to take a variety of factors into consideration:

Installing a hot tub - especially a large one - should not be taken lightly. You should make sure that you have what you need and that you are properly prepared to own a large spa before you buy. Experienced hot tub dealers are well-versed in all the considerations and can help you decide how big a hot tub your situation can accommodate. Start your investigation by using our quick price quote request tool for hot tubs - we'll match you to prescreened dealers in your area who can help you with your purchase.

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