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Sundance hot tub prices range from $6500 for a 4 person hot tub, to over $12,000 for a 6 person hot tub with a stereo, aromatherapy accessories, steps, and other luxury spa features. Established in 1979, Sundance Spas has grown to become the world's largest manufacturer and distributor of acrylic spas. The portable and in-ground hot tubs produced by Sundance Hot Tubs are technologically advanced, well-designed, durable, and are complemented by a complete line of accessories. Sundance hot tubs can be personalized to include fun hot tub features such as a hot tub lighting system, hot tub waterfalls, and music via a CD stereo system and radio with an iPod dock. Whether you're thinking of adding hot tub features or sticking to a simple, basic hot tub -- Sundance hot tub prices can fit your budget's needs.

A popular indoor hot tub model is the Sundance Tacoma, which is a 2 person hot tub for a luxurious bath or outdoor experience. If you're looking for an outdoor hot tub, the Sundance Chelsee is a popular choice that's a 6 to 7 person hot tub -- it includes a multicolor LED light waterfall, a center dome massaging footwell, and touchscreen hot tub controls. Or if a luxury hot tub experience is more your style, the Sundance Optima is a popular pick from the 880 Series. The Optima is a 6-7 person hot tub that has aromatherapy feature, a cascading multicolor waterfall, a reflexology jet foot dome, and a range of colors.

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