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How to Make the Most of Hot Tub Reviews

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By B. Leslie Baird

Hot Tub Reviews

Reading hot tub reviews can provide you with some beneficial information about the tub you are considering. Reviews are useful when they contain honest, factual content about the quality and performance of a product.

When you want opinions on durability, maintenance, and general satisfaction levels, unbiased sources offer insight into real experiences. You also must consider the source and other avenues available.

Look for common denominators in ratings

You do need to consider the source of the information. Reviews may not be as useful if someone with no experience with the product writes them. Look for more detailed information about an experience with the spa's quality, care requirements, or customer service. Generalizations do not provide the details you need.

Unlike consumer websites, owners have a personal story to tell. This information is valuable when you find common denominators. If several customers complain about a spa's lack of efficiency, consider the impact it could have on your electric bill. If numerous commentators are talking about how a spa's heats up quickly, then take that into consideration.

Finally, a single review that is extremely negative may not be a reflection on the tub at all. A difficult consumer or an individual with an ulterior motive may have written this type of review. Compile the information you read and do further research for yourself. Talk to different sales clerks and search each manufacturer's website. When you add up everything, you can make a better purchase decision.

If reviews state that the tub needs to be drained frequently to scrub the walls, you will be spending a considerable amount of time and money on general maintenance. Compare what you read in reviews to the manufacturer's care instructions. The more closely the details match, the more likely the information is factual.

Value and quality

When it comes to the value or quality of a consumer purchase, reviews can vary widely. These factors tend to be opinion-based. An inexpensive spa that is durable and requires little maintenance can be seen as having both value and quality.

Look for details that include how many extra components were required to complete the hot tub package. Choosing a more expensive spa that comes with everything you need for operation is a better value than less expensive models requiring multiple extra items.

Energy efficiency

You can use hot tub reviews to gain additional insight. Keep in mind that actual utility costs and temperatures vary by geographic regions. You outdoor spa in Maine will cost more to run than a comparable model in Texas.

Energy efficiency ratings are not available for all consumer products. Hot tubs sold in California do have set requirements. This information should be available to you on the selling company's website.

The movement to make more energy-efficient spas is growing, so there are plenty of chances to find a hot tub that does not cost a fortune to run on a regular basis. Before looking at the claims of manufacturers, look at the number of jets and the horsepower required to make them go. The same concept of efficiency that applies to home items will also apply to hot tubs.

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