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Is A Hot Tub Ozonator Really That Important?

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What better way to cap a busy day than to take a warm and soothing dip in your hot tub. But have you made sure that your ozone generator is working to give your hot tub water the desired quality for a delightfully safe and healthy way to relax?

What an ozonator can do for your spa

Sometimes called a spa ozonizer, the ozone generator is a critical part of hot tubs used for proper water maintenance. It works by injecting dissolved ozone into the hot tub water. Virtually undetectable, ozone is a powerful water disinfectant known to be very effective in neutralizing the bacteria and viruses that lurk in hot tubs. It is more powerful than chlorine, bromine, and other water sanitizers. It has three atoms of oxygen, the third being the oxidizing agent that easily destroys organic wastes and contamination.

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The use of ozonators on hot tub water does not eliminate the need for water treatment chemicals to maintain proper water chemistry, because ozone does not last long once released. You still need to use sanitizers, but in greatly reduced amounts. To ensure the ideal spa water quality, ozone needs to be continuously replaced by letting the ozone generator run for two-hour periods spread throughout the day. Some newer spas have two pumps, with provision for one low speed pump for non-stop ozone generation depending on the frequency and volume of bather usage.

Most hot tubs that are "ozone ready" have specific outlets where the ozonizer can be plugged in. For those that are not "ozone ready" or use a one-speed pump, the services of a qualified electrician or technician to work on the electrical supply for the ozonator may be necessary. A hot tub with a two-speed pump may only need the installation of a flow switch to make the ozonizer work.

Ozone as the ideal waste oxidizer

As an organic waste oxidizer, ozone is safe as long as you follow manufacturer instructions, the right pump speed settings, and the ancillary water chemical treatment. While minimizing costs on water sanitizers, you can enjoy sparkling, safe, and odorless bathing water by using an ozone generator because ozone has been proven to:

Remember, an ozone generator or ozonizer does not replace your sanitizer, but it significantly reduces the amount of chemicals that you need to improve water quality. In this way, you can relieve yourself of frequent maintenance tasks, prolong the life of your hot tub, and experience ultimate hot tub satisfaction.

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