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What Sets a Portable Hot Tub Apart

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It seems like just about everything is mobile these days, and hot tubs are no exception. A portable hot tub is just like it sounds: a mobile unit that can be taken down, transported, and re-established in a matter of minutes, giving you the ultimate flexibility in where you use your spa.

What are the benefits of a portable spa?

Portable Hot Tubs

Beyond the many health benefits provided by a hot tub to ease tension, promote better sleep, and soothe arthritis, a portable spa can be advantageous in several settings:

For businesses

If you own a business, a deluxe portable spa might be just the amenity you've been looking for. Designed to move from place to place with ease, this product can provide you and your employees with hours of enjoyment. For example, many businesses take company trips and retreats to reward their staff members and having a mobile spa will only add to the experience.

You also can use this type of product at your office building. After the business day or during breaks, employees might need to relax and decompress from long hours in front of their computers or in the field. A deluxe portable spa will make your business more attractive to the best and brightest employees. Or you may want to use it as part of your business - hotels or B&Bs, for example, can offer a soak as a luxury service to guests.

For the home

These days, many of us just can't sit still. We're always on the move, visiting friends and seeing the world, so why wouldn't you want a portable hot tub spa? Rather than setting up a permanent hot tub on your back patio, you can take your mobile spa wherever you go. Lend it out to friends, take it on vacation, or rearrange your backyard every once in a while.

A portable spa can be used at home for socializing and relaxation when you simply don't have the room for a stationary hot tub to support up to 10 people. On top of that, a traditional hot tub requires complex and often expensive wiring and installation to meet strict electrical requirements for safety purposes. If you don't have $3000 or more to blow, a portable tub priced at $600-$1600 may be easier on the wallet.

What makes a portable hot tub stand out?

If you are comparing a portable spa to a traditional hot tub, there are several key differences to remember:

What to consider when choosing a portable hot tub spa

You have more options than you might think when it comes to buying a portable hot tub spa. Like other products, these come with different options: seating, jets, materials, water capacity and temperature control. For this reason, make sure you do your homework before writing a check.

Some of these products are made from inflatable material, while others are constructed primarily from foam. The danger here, of course, is accidental punctures that might render your spa unusable, so make sure you choose the most durable product you can find. You'll also want to buy a hot tub that comes with a circuit protector and uses the least amount of electricity possible.

Buying a portable hot tub spa might be a great step forward in your comfort and relaxation, and you won't feel confined to a specific area of your home, either. Just make sure to follow the instructions carefully and use it only as directed. Most require a flat surface, access to electricity and water, and above-freezing temperatures to operate.

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