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Big Benefits From Small Hot Tubs

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Larger size does not always mean better value. There are plenty of instances where small hot tubs are better deals than large ones. In most cases, a small hot tub is a 2 person hot tub with smaller scale, and usually more contoured, dimensions. These are offered for sale through a variety of venues, including dedicated dealers, hardware stores, and Web sites.

Small hot tubs for couples

One of the main uses for a small hot tub is for the enjoyment of couples. If you and your significant other enjoy a soak after work or before bed, the size makes your rendezvous more intimate. Smaller hot tubs are quicker to heat up than larger models, so you don't have to wait hours before you can soak your cares away.

A small hot tub will also fit just about anywhere, so you don't have to worry about sacrificing a large portion of your patio or porch to the tub. The contoured versions also are more aesthetically pleasing when you're not in the tub.

For therapy

If you suffer from sports injuries, arthritis, joint pain, muscle soreness or a host of other maladies, small hot tubs can be an easy way to ease your pain and increase circulation. Hydrotherapy is commonly used in physical therapy and sports medicine to accelerate healing and promote comfort. Since you'll be using the 2 person hot tub alone, a small version is most practical.

The small size also gives you access to more jets at one time. For example, you might want to lean up against a jet to soothe the aching muscles in your back while allowing another jet to massage a recently broken ankle. This wouldn't be as feasible in a larger version.

For business

Whether you're a massage or physical therapist and want to add another dimension to your services or the owner of a company lacking in perks for employees, small hot tubs are an excellent investment. Staff members or clients can soak at their leisure without having to share their space with others, perhaps reading a book or working on a project.

This type of amenity isn't common among employers, so take the opportunity to be different. Your employees and clients will thank you.

You can find small hot tubs at decent prices from a number of locations, but make sure you've measured the dimensions and considered the shape of the tub. Know exactly where it will go before you decide to bring it home. Qualified hot tub dealers can help you make the right choice: try BuyerZone's request for hot tub price quotes and we'll match you to multiple hot tub dealers, then you can decide who offers the best value.

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