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Aqua Aerobics: Why Exercising in a Hot Tub Is Making Waves

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Hot Tub Aerobics

Of all the places you've thought about for exercise, you might not have considered a hot tub. Recent trends are changing that, as aqua aerobics are becoming a solution for anyone who seeks physical and spiritual relaxation. You can exercise each element of your body in a spa's warm waters, and you'll find that muscles are looser and the entire process is more a pleasure than a chore. Here are the reasons why hot tub exercising programs could work for you.

It's easy to get warmed up.

Trying to limber up to exercise on a chilly day is difficult for anyone. Getting into a hot tub's warm waters make it easy. The buoyancy of the water acts as a natural massaging agent, while the heat allows muscles to expand and get ready for an aerobic workout. Exercising while your muscles are tight is inadvisable, so any help you can get in warming up should be welcomed.

You have options for the entire body.

If you need to work several areas of your body, an aqua aerobics routine is the ideal solution. Once you loosen up, you'll find fun ways to continue with your exercise. To get started, try lifting your legs underwater to their highest point, then lowering them to the floor. Moving them inward and outward, and extending the leg at the knee, is another idea. To work the shoulders, flex them forward and backward before trying an up-and-down motion. For an excellent arm exercise, mimic the motion of a breaststroke in both directions. Finally, finish by rolling your neck in a circular motion.

The spiritual benefits make the process relaxing and good for overall health.

The spiritual and stress-relief factors of exercise programs should never be overlooked. Achieving fitness goals in a hot tub with moving water gives you a sense of tranquility that's rare in an exercise program. The feel of water on your skin and the relaxing effects of the warmth on your muscles contribute to this effect.

Arthritis sufferers will find relief in a hot tub's waters.

Public health programs have begun to stress the importance of these treatments, but you can access the benefits inside your home when you have a hot tub installed.

Aqua aerobics give people of all ages a way to exercise year-round. Because workouts are safer and more relaxing in the water, it's an exercise routine that's easy to stick with.

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