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An Introduction To Hot Tub Jets

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Just as hot tub types and sizes vary, so do the jets that come in them. Different jet combinations can play a role in how relaxing the hot tub experience is. The purpose of these jets is to provide stimulation and promote relaxation to the lower back, neck, and other muscle groups. While adjusting the water flow can change the massage intensity, the type of jet being used plays its part in the experience as well.

Here are a few jet types and their unique properties.

The different types of jets for a hot tub

Hot Tub Jets

Mix and match

It is difficult to purchase just one style of jet for your hot tub since typically these tubs also provide a social outlet, or at least are used by more than one person. Newer models are allowing for more individualized pressure and oscillation control, making it possible to be more flexible with hot tub jet choices in one unit. This means you'll most likely be purchasing a hot tub with a jet package instead of just standard jets.


Prices can range from $5-$50 depending on the jet type you are ordering. Keep in mind that your final cost can depend on the number of jets you order as well. Distributors do tend to discount when multiple jets are ordered at once. Additionally, keeping mindful of the different functions of each jet might just save you a bit of time in comparison shopping.

For those using hydrotherapy as part of a physical health regime, speak with your therapist and discuss that your personal needs might be as well.

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