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Planning to Rent a Hot Tub? These Problems Can Leave You in Hot Water

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A hot tub can provide hours of fun and relaxation for family and friends, but a hot tub rental presents numerous problems. The hassle can be tremendous - and while the costs might seem better, they can add up quickly. In almost every case, you're better off purchasing a hot tub.

These four pitfalls can await anyone who considers a spa rental:

Renters normally have to cover damages to a hot tub

Rented Hot Tub

Because you don't own the hot tub, any damages occurring during the rental period are typically your responsibility. What could go wrong with a hot tub? The opportunities for scrapes and scratches are plentiful, for starters, with rings on fingers and buttons on swimsuits easily scratching or chipping a tub while your friends are inside. In addition, the rental's filtration system and motor could also become damaged. And when the company comes back for the unit, you will have to pay.

You should question the cleanliness of rental tubs

While most rental companies have clear policies about cleaning the tubs they use for rentals, you can't guarantee the sterilization process employed before the tub arrives at your home or venue. Legitimate concerns about tub cleanliness — including risks of documented illnesses resulting from Legionella bacteria — should force renters to think twice, and to implement their own sterilizers. Yet if you have to clean the tub yourself, are you getting value for the cost of the rental?

When there is a breakdown mid-event, it's difficult to get repair teams to your location

Most people opt for a hot tub rental on the day of a party or other major event. What happens when the water system breaks down or the tub needs fixing for another reason? It's unlikely you'll get a maintenance team to your home in the middle of a late-night party or on a weekend. When you own your own spa, you'll know it's in good condition before your event begins.

The long-term expense doesn't justify regular rentals.

As with a home or car rental, repeatedly paying for the services of a hot tub doesn't make financial sense. You can spend several hundred dollars on a short rental, while the price of purchasing a quality tub is in the low four figures. Do the math, and you'll realize that the cost of repeated rentals will equal the price of a brand new spa. There's little question which move is smarter.

Before you start comparing the prices for a hot tub rental, remember the negative factors involved with this decision. Purchasing a spa adds value to your home and represents an investment in quality of life at the same time.

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