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Swim Spa Pricing on Popular Brands

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If you're thinking of investing in a swim spa for your home, here's a closer look at swim spa pricing, the benefits, and some popular tub models you might want to consider.

A swim spa is a combination of a hot tub and a resistance swimming pool. The health benefits associated with hydrotherapy massage have been well-documented, and a hot tub is the perfect place to relax and have fun with family and friends. A swim spa provides a place for water exercise, with the use of water resistance so that the swimmer is remaining in place. Some swim spa models merge many of the luxury aspects of a hot tub into the swim spa design, such as massage chairs, LED lights, and entertainment speakers. Families often find that purchasing a swim spa instead of a swimming pool allows them to have both a hot tub and a swimming pool in one, often for far less cost than an above-ground swimming pool.

Swim spa pricing

So, how much does a swim spa cost? Portable swim spas usually start at around $15,000. Cost-effective manufacturing and materials paired with market competition have helped to keep swim spa prices relatively low, so make sure to compare prices across brands and retailers before you settle on a tub. Below are some of the prices people paid after using BuyerZone to compare swim spa prices.

"$25,000 for Dynasty Spas' AquEx Gold Swim Spa, 16' long, seats 5 adults, includes 40 jets."
-Home owner in Millersville, Maryland

"We decided on the Master Spas swim spa, and paid $15,000."
-Home owner in Midlothian, Illinois

"We paid $10,000 for a Hydropool swim spa."
-Home owner in Minneapolis, Minnesota

"I decided on a fully loaded swim spa that cost $18000. It includes a CD player, 4 massage seats, LED lights, delivery/set up, cover, and fitness equipment."
-Home owner in Chesterfield, Virginia

"Purchased the Olympian Fitness Spa for $18000."
-Home owner in Morristown, New Jersey

"$20,000 for the H2X Crosstrainer 2 with cover, steps, equipment, Ozone filter, lighting, and free delivery and setup."
-Home owner in Medford, Oregon

Find out how much you can save by comparing prices on a swim spa from several hot tub dealers.

Popular swim spa brands

With so many different manufacturers offering a wide range of models, it's difficult to compare prices between the different brands and models. Below are some of the more popular companies that offer swim spas.

Before you commit to a swim spa, get prices from several hot tub dealers, compare, and get the best possible deal for your home spa.

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