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How a QuickBooks POS System Can Work for You

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Written By Eric Michaels

QuickBooks POS System

QuickBooks is by now synonymous with accounting systems and simple bookkeeping in general, holding the vast majority of the U.S. market. Those same organizational benefits also apply to the new QuickBooks POS systems, which are useful for retail apparel operations and other businesses. This product fully integrates with accounting systems and delivers seamless inventory tracking.

Basic and Pro POS software

The QuickBooks point-of-sale software is a company's best friend with regard to inventory and customer service, yet every business owner must analyze and compare the features of the Pro and Basic software to find the best fit. While the Pro edition will satisfy the needs of any operation, you might not need all its features for your company, and you would waste time and money getting them.

Avoiding inventory loss and clerical errors

The overwhelming advantage of both versions of QuickBooks POS software is the ability to eliminate costly errors in inventory tracking. The system allows employees to leave behind manual entries for good, letting the software do the job instead. Looking at accounting reports - and calculating the real cost of doing business every month - will be a cinch when you have this software in place. However, there are some operations that are better off picking another solution.

The ideal fit for QuickBooks point-of-sale

Intuit makes it clear that its POS software is not designed with full-service restaurants, large grocery stores, gas stations and pop-up stores in mind. These operations would be better served with a different solution. However, retail stores that focus on apparel, specialty boutiques, and cafes are ideal for the QuickBooks suite. Ask BuyerZone suppliers about the features needed for your business when requesting a quote.

POS dealers in your area can quickly size up your business' needs and offer you a quality solution. Fill out a request for a free quote to hear back from trusted vendors ready to break down the options today.

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