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PointOS Professional is a powerful, affordable and full featured point of sale solution for any bar, restaurant or club. Get up and running quickly and spend little time training employees due to our intuitive interface. Making PointOS easy to setup and use is our number one goal.

PointOS has great features like inventory control, customer management, and QuickBooks integration. Other great features include employee schedules, specials calendar, and automatic timed pricing. We also have features no one else in the industry has like our built in newsletter builder or the integrated music player. Our vast set of tools will improve efficiency, reduce theft, and save your business money.

We also boast features that will move you into the future with our array of cloud and mobile services. Through myPointOS, you can back up to the cloud, run reports, and even manage your locations. Additionally, you will have control over Apple based mobile devices for tableside ordering that links directly into your existing PointOS point of sale system. Reduce wait time at the fixed terminals by allowing servers to take orders and payments at the customer’s table and have it print right to the kitchen.

We offer all the features of the expensive software, but we charge just a fraction of the price. PointOS is a fully-featured operating system with half the price of its competitors and entirely designed with the hospitality industry in mind. All levels of PointOS come standard with ALL features.

When you look at price, performance and functionality, PointOS is the best point of sale system available. After a short while, you’ll wonder how you ever ran your business without it.

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