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POS Systems vs Cash Registers

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Computerized point of sale (POS) systems are replacing cash registers in all types of businesses, large and small. Why are they so popular? Switching from a traditional cash register to a POS system can bring a host of benefits to your business. It can help you save money, get more information about your business, and be more productive.

Cash registers versus point of sale systems

POS System vs Cash Register

To settle the great debate between a cash register and a POS, it helps to compare the two. If you've used a cash drawer for decades, it may be hard to part with your trusty register.

Some top benefits of a key cash register include:

To take it to the next level, a tech-forward POS system will combine the basic functionalities of a cash register with a number of hardware and software features, ranging from a touch screen with mobile ordering devices to online store management and tech support.

Here are some of the ways a modern point of sale system can help your business:

Save money

Get more information

Increase productivity

How to make a final decision between a cash register and a POS system

To determine which payment processing system is best for your business, consider cost versus value. If you have a small mom-and-pop shop, a cash register may do for now. But as your business grows and expands, and you acquire more employees, you may need to upgrade to a POS to support sales in the near future.

In most cases, starting with even a rudimentary POS is worth the investment. A POS system will cost more than a cash register, starting at $1500 compared to $200 on average, but it will provide greater value to cover the initial expense. A POS system is designed to handle a larger customer volume and inventory base; a business that expects to grow should consider a scalable POS built for expansion.

Realizing the many benefits of a POS system requires a commitment to utilizing its capabilities to the fullest. Without appropriate training and ongoing analysis, even the most sophisticated POS system will be no more useful than a basic cash register.

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