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Electronic Deadbolt Side by Side Comparison

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There are over 45 top manufacturers of the electronic deadbolt for security purposes. Making a basic electronic door lock isn't that difficult but creating a durable, functional, and secure product is a more challenging task.

As with any other product, you will get what you pay for when it comes to an electronic deadbolt. If you purchase a cheap product, it may not have the strength or features that you need to protect your home or business. This is why it is important to contrast the top electronic door lock manufacturers on the market to find the best product at an affordable price.

Top 5 electronic deadbolts: prices and features

1. Baldwin Hardware Co.: Baldwin Hardware offers a full line of electronic deadbolts, including the Boulder Deadbolt. This deadbolt is available in different finishes and operates with the use of a back-lit keypad for improved visibility. The lock works with a one-touch locking mechanism using a motorized deadbolt and provides entry with two customizable access codes. The deadbolt starts at $325.50.

2. Schlage Lock Co.: Schlage offers a complete selection of deadbolts, including the Plymouth Keypad Lock. This electronic door lock will automatically relock after only 5 seconds so that you don't have to remember to lock the door behind you. The lock uses keyless entry for home or office and can easily be installed using a screwdriver. The battery-operated lock is preset with two unique user codes so that it is ready to use immediately. The lock starts at $114.

3. Corbin Russwin Arch. Hardware: Corbin Russwin offers the ML2000 Series deadbolt that uses a patented quick reversible latch bolt. The lock works with minimal power requirements at 12 or 24 V AC/DC voltage. The lock also features a mechanical cylinder override and can be programmed as either fail-safe or fail-secure. The deadbolt starts at $276.

4. Kwikset: Kwikset offers both an electronic deadbolt and remote door lock for home security. Doors can be locked using a remote, smart phone, or touch screen. The Powerbolt Touchpad Lock uses a keyless entry system with a personalized access code. The motorized deadbolt is battery operated and equipped with Smart Key re-key technology for back-up entry. The deadbolt starts at $65.

5. Master Lock: Master Lock recently released an electronic keypad deadbolt in 2010 to offer improved security for family and business properties. The lock functions with an illuminated keypad and durable manual deadbolt to make it both affordable and reliable. The lock uses patented NightWatch technology to meet ANSI grade 2 security standards. The six button keypad can store 20 different personal access codes. The deadbolt starts at $99.95 and is available in different finishes.

A side-by-side comparison sometimes help to make a decision. Listed below are the top models by the top brands of electronic deadbolt makers.

Deadbolt Comparison
Maker Model Features Price
Baldwin Hardware CO. 8285.056.AC3
  • Deadbolt communicates via Z-Wave network (wireless connectivity).
  • Smartphone functionality allows for deadbolt to be locked and unlocked from your cell phone
  • Wireless means no cabling, thus no holes.
  • Keypad is backlit
  • Incorrect passcode forces lock-out feature to engage
Schlage Lock Company BE369NX CAM 505 605
  • Sends text or email when lock is engaged or disengaged.
  • Allows for access to be granted remotely via scheduling, smartphone, or PC.
  • Allows for managing user codes remotely.
  • Z-Wave enabled allowing for wireless installation.
  • Multiple colors to fit your decor.
Corbin Russwin Arch. Hardware DL2700IC C
  • Up to 100 3-5 digit codes.
  • 5AA battery operated.
  • Outdoor Models are available.
Kwikset Yale YRD220-ZW-619
  • Stores 25 personalized entry codes.
  • Auto re-lock function
  • Lock speaks in English, French, and Spanish.
  • Multiple colors available.
Master Lock DSKP0615
  • Security timer locks out all keys but master during selected time frames.
  • Roughed design which is element resistant.
  • Stores up to 20 user codes.

As you can tell, there are lots of options to meet your needs. Knowing your needs before you start shopping will help you choose what options work best for you, your business, or home. Whatever options you need, be sure to comparative shop to find the right model and price for you.

One last tip; consider a professional installer as well. Some models require more finesse and door and frame alterations than others. A certified professional is better suited for performing your installation without damaging either.

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