Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

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How to Lay Out an Access Control System

Laying out an access control system is the first step you need to take when overhauling your security system. Here are a few tips that will help you make the right decisions.

Types of Access Control Solutions

Which type of system is right for you? Here's a quick introduction to card access, keypad, and biometric security systems.

How Turnstiles Keep Buildings Secure

Read how you can prevent tailgating with a turnstile, one of the best access control safeguards.

Card Security Access Options for Your Business

Using cards for security access to your business is a very common way to control and track access to sensitive areas.

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Answers to Your Biometric Access Control Questions

Biometric access control systems use fingerprints, facial recognition, retinal scanning, iris scanning, or other biological identification methods as door locks.

Basics of door entry systems

There are hundreds of door entry systems available on the market today. Learn about the different types and which might be appropriate for you.

Electronic Deadbolt Side by Side Comparison

Should you pay $60 or over $300 for an electronic door lock? Read buying tips and more.

Preparing for an Electronic Access Control Purchase

Before you start talking to suppliers, you'll need to make some basic decisions about your access control system.

Should You Go with an AC, DC, or AC/DC Electric Door Strike?

Read and compare brands and get the best electric strike access control product.

Top Video Intercom Products

Read and compare prices, features, functions, and make the best possible buy for your property.

Understanding Fingerprint Access Control Devices

Fingerprint access control devices are among the most advanced door entry systems available today. Learn how they work and how they can benefit your business.

What is the Best Magnetic Lock?

Find the best magnetic lock for your business or office building.

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