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Top Video Intercom Products

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For security that you won't second guess, a video intercom is a trustworthy choice for either a home or a business. A video intercom uses video technology to show a home or business owner who is requesting entry to their property. This technology can be used to improve communication and make basic security even more convenient and reliable.


Video security cameras come with a plethora of options now, making installing a camera (or two) a highly customizable experience. In this mini-guide you will find a few of the major options available for installation in a home or business.

Portable Handheld Wireless Video Intercoms are perhaps the most versatile of all intercoms. These units combine the portability of wireless with the view-ability of digital camera technology. While the camera is still fixed into place, the receiver is the actual wireless piece in the equation. Since the intercom is wireless, thus portable, it can be carried up to 300 feet away from its charging station and will still provide clear video for home or office security.

For those who have a wireless electric strike or door lock in place, this is a real boon. For nighttime use, an infra-red LED light will illuminate the camera to improve the quality of the video image. Expect to pay around $300 per unit for one of these light weight solutions.

The expandable Recording Color Intercom System costs $450 and is a top-selling system in its market. The intercom can be used to identify visitors to a home or office via live audio and video. This intercom is one of the first systems in the industry to offer compatibility with a removable 20 second video and audio SD card that can be used for security video recording. This system can be expanded for use with up to four indoor monitors and two outdoor cameras.

A Digital Camera Control Kit can be bought for $550 and can be installed to monitor one doorway with two inside viewing stations. The intercom is equipped with a 170 degree angle view, a tilting and zooming digital camera, sharp lowlight video recording, a high-resolution screen, sensor inputs to sound an alert, door/gate open buttons, and user-friendly two-wire installation. Additionally, the intercom system is tamper-resistant since it is surface-mounted directly to a wall.

The 9" Wireless Digital Camera System retails at $600 and uses a two-way intercom to enable the user to see and talk to a visitor at the door. Images will be recorded in live action using an internal removable memory card. Recording options include manual, motion, or scheduled recording. Video signal can be captured at up to 450 feet, and the indoor system can monitor four digital cameras at once in quad screen mode.

A Digital Camera Control Intercom sells at around $700 and offers such advanced features as a 170 degree angle view, a tilt and zoom digital camera, a high-resolution screen, a 240 image picture memory, sharp low light video recording, sensor inputs to sound alerts, door/gate open buttons, a vandal resistant camera, and simple two-wire installation.

Things to consider

A few things outside of price should be considered when one is looking to purchase a video intercom system. To get you started down the right path, here are a few suggested thoughts;

While there are plenty of do it yourself kits on the market that make it relatively easy to install your own video intercom system, getting some advice from a professional installer can never hurt. Taking bids from installers is never a bad idea as you might garner a little knowledge about typical installations. As one last tip to consider for those who might wish to install a system themselves: make sure there is phone support available to you should you need to troubleshoot.

The greatest deal in the world will not matter one bit if you fail to make the system work. While most are easy enough to connect, there is always the chance a little troubleshooting might have to occur.

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