Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Systems

An Introduction to Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

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addressable fire alarm system

An addressable fire alarm system is what is known as "intelligent." These systems allow each unit or component of the fire alarm system to have its own address, meaning that both hazards and problems can be identified quickly and easily. Addressable fire alarm systems are now an important part of many business fire prevention plans. If you are in the market for a fire alarm system, you need to consider an addressable one.

Addressable means that several devices can exist on a single cable. This type of cabling structure allows for multiple devices to use the same cable rather than each device having a home run of its own. In the end this type of installation saves in installation costs but makes up for the savings by being more expensive than a conventional system.

While an addressable fire alarm system will save an owner money overall, when pricing a new system, the buyer must be aware of what they will need to consider.

Your Facilities

The size and shape of your building will be the two biggest factors in how much your new fire alarm system will cost. While fire codes will have to be observed, a quick inspection of your building will help you determine how much code compliance will cost you.

Here are a few tips on what to consider when inspecting your facility.

Additional Things to Look For

Once you have all your information in place and have done your due diligence, it is time to call in an installer. Typically, getting more than one estimate from various installers is absolutely the way to approach your fire alarm needs.

Ask questions when you receive your bids. As odd as it might sound questioning lower bids is every bit of a concern as questioning the bids that seem too high. While a new fire alarm system will have to be tested and inspected by your local fire marshal, the inspector does not inspect for quality of work, so take this into account and monitor your installation as it is happening. Taking all of these steps will help to insure you alarm system works properly and is the best solution for your business.

The best approach to getting started with a fire alarm project is to submit a free request for fire alarm system price quotes. BuyerZone will connect you to multiple qualified dealers in your area, who can help you choose the right system and connect you with a reputable monitoring service.

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