VoIP Phone Service

VoIP Phone Service

Cut Costs with the Right Corporate Phone System

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Thanks to the last economic downturn, businesses throughout the US are tightening their belts. In an effort to conserve funds without impacting employee productivity, a number of companies have decided to switch corporate phone systems by searching for a cheaper provider.

Comparing costs: VoIP phone systems versus PBX phone systems

Many large corporations with a traditional PBX phone system quickly switch to VoIP phone integration due to its cheaper price tag. Even better, a VoIP phone system for a company can provide the same features as a PBX phone system that may include voicemail, call waiting, and call forwarding with advanced connectivity to desktop and mobile devices.

What's the difference in price? According to an analysis from PCG Telecom & Data Network Consultants, the initial upfront cost of a traditional PBX corporate phone system was $75,000 compared to $22,500 for a hosted VoIP phone system.

Comparing costs of the services offers really is dependent on what the VoIP service provider offers; prices vary from service to service. Typically, VoIP service options such as voicemail and call forwarding are included in the service while advanced connections to desktops and mobility solutions can cost a bit more as a premium service. These costs are generally miniscule however, still making the service as a whole much more inexpensive than a traditional PBX system.

Still older, updated pricing plans, might still charge more. Make sure you know the options you will need and ask about their specific costs when talking to a provider.

Inexpensive toll-free technology for large corporations

Corporate Phone Systems

For many large companies, the greatest savings can be found in reducing costs for toll calls. Select corporate VoIP providers now offer free calling with toll-free numbers, available with a paid monthly VoIP package.

For large companies that rely heavily upon 800 numbers to communicate with clients and customers, inexpensive or even free toll calling is an attractive feature that will merit a switch in phone service providers.

On the same token, a business can use a toll-free number to provide customers with a more professional impression of their brand, while making their company easier to access. Toll-free calling at an affordable price can give a business a leg up on their competition as customers are more likely to associate a 1-800 number with a well-established brand that has been in business for decades.

Remote VoIP connections improve customer service

To take it a step further, corporations can use this enticing, inexpensive toll-free calling feature to provide cost-effective customer support through remote employees. The beauty of a VoIP phone system is that it can create virtual extensions for remote workers, including the same basic features of an automated greeting, call forwarding, hold music, voicemail, and much more.

This inter-office integration will support exceptional customer service while improving employee productivity. Even the most remote employees working from home or on a business trip can be connected to the same VoIP system, without having to pay an additional fee or waste minutes on a company cell phone.

Businesses with an existing 800-number that are looking for a cheaper office phone solution may be pleased to find that a number of VoIP service providers will happily transfer a toll-free number to a new VoIP account. With a simple Internet connection, a business can continue to offer even more affordable toll-free calls to their customers to improve relationships and communication.

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