VoIP Phone Service

VoIP Phone Service

Large Businesses Can Benefit from VoIP Phone Service Features

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Compared to a traditional PBX phone system, a VoIP business phone is cheaper and provides the same cutting-edge features, along with quite a few extras. What's not to love?

A corporation hoping to upgrade their phone system to a cost-effective yet productive alternative can research leading VoIP features in advance to find the best system for their business’s size and industry.

Top VoIP phone service features: new technologies benefit large corporations

Standard features available with a business VoIP phone system are extensive, to say the least. Basic VoIP phone features may include:

VoIP Phone Service Features

The good news is that these basic features are already available with a traditional PBX phone system, making employee transition to a VoIP phone system seamless and convenient. On top of that, more and more enhanced VoIP features are being introduced on a regular basis to improve inter-company communication.

Software enhancements are available to improve productivity, track call volume and any number of other functions as well. Though these solutions can add a bit more to startup costs, generally, they will not add any cost to your monthly rates.

Through the use of licensed or open source software integration, one might add these typically non-standard features as well:

Additionally, many VoIP service providers now offer the attractive feature of both unlimited local and long-distance calling plans within a business VoIP phone system. For businesses with multiple locations throughout the country and nationwide clients, this is one essential feature that will help a company to conserve costs and save money on monthly phone expenses.

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